The Process Of Hiring And Maintaining An Executive Assistant

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In the past several weeks the Home Company has gone through a large turnover in employees and the company is looking to write new policies and get the company on the right track. The Home Company President has requested that we hire an Executive Assistant for him. This is a new position and it is very important that we understand his expectations of this position so we are able to hire the right person for this job.
After determining the core job functions of the Executive Assistant it is important to be specific on the essential functions of this position. The job description will be submitted on the internal website, many job websites, it will be posted on all bulletin boards ...view middle of the document...

Other combinations of education and experience which could provide these knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies, may be evaluated on an individual basis.

Now that the job has been posted, the closing date has come and gone it is now our job to screen the resumes and applications, then make the selections of the top applicants that will be interviewed. First the resumes and applications will be read to make sure there are no errors and that the applicants meet the criteria of the position requirements. Once that process is done, it will be determined who the top 8-10 applicants will be. There will be supplemental questions mailed out to those 8-10 applicants and they will have 7 days to answer the questions and return them. Once the supplemental questions are received, those will be read and the top five will be selected for the final interview. Those five will be contacted by phone and an interview date and time will be set up, those who did not make the cut will receive a registered letter in the mail.
The interview will be 30 minutes, with a 15 minute presentation on how the Executive Assistant’s position thinks there job will be laid out and what the expectations of the employee will have of the position, their direct supervisor and the company. Once the presentation is complete the interview board will then ask the applicants ten questions. These questions will be graded on a ranking system this is considered a “ranking interview which are usually conducted by a group or panel of interviewers” (DOI University, 1998). Once the interviews are complete the panel will then combine their scores and determine who the top two applicants are.
The next step to find the top applicant will be by checking their references, this reference checks can save a lot of time and money in the end. Once the reference checks have been completed the decision of who the chosen applicant will be. A phone call will be made to offer the job to the applicant and once the applicant has accepted the job a start date will be determined. The new Executive Assistant will be required to complete a one week training and orientation, which will consist of on-line training as well as class room...

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