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The Problematic Class System Essay

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The Problematic Class System

Ever since the beginning of civilization, there has been a difference
in economic and social, creating two separate classes. The wealthier
and educated made up the upper status of society making up what is
today called upper class. The poor and uneducated made up the people
which were often looked down upon by the upper class, and now make up
what is considered lower class. This was true in the earliest times of
the bible, through the Renaissance time period and even to today. It
is nearly impossible for the lower class to become higher class, much
less middle class, without being provided a full education by the
higher classes.

Why can these people of lower class never achieve crossing the class

Most of lower class does not have an education. Therefore their
opportunities for having profitable and ...view middle of the document...

They are never allowed out to see the
light of a true education, and have to remain in the dark all of their

The upper and even middle class, which usually has a good education,
have the duty to show the lower class the light and to get these
people out of the shadows for good. This can and is being done
minutely to help the uneducated by providing scholarships, but for the
most part no one is doing anything to help the less fortunate.
Unfortunately, today has a very “everyone for themselves” attitude.
"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish,
and you feed him for life." We need to be concerned for their future,
if no one else is, because their future depends solely on their
education. We need to make it our goal as a society to educate the
uneducated. If everyone is educated then there is equal opportunity
and pay therefore eliminating social class. If the enlightened
educated class can just come into the cave, relate with the people,
and then actually show them the light, rather than telling them what
to do, we can actually make a positive difference and make the lives
of a lower class citizen much easier.

The easiest solution to this problem is to create a utopian society,
but those are bound to fail before even being attempted. A utopian
society would completely obliterate the class system, because everyone
would receive equal pay and equal education, or at least opportunity
for education. The best suggestion that is plausible and possible is
to create countless scholarships. It would be just like the armed
forces; education is free but a certain amount of service is demanded
in return. Even though everyone does not have money, everyone has
time. All education can be provided by the state and the jobs, needed
by the state, can be filled by the graduated students. This can
potentially give an education to everyone and keep the jobs needed. It
is a win-win situation. If someone could just show society and our
leaders the light.

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