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The Problem With Proiblems Essay

1790 words - 8 pages

The problem with problems



The exam is closed book and closed notes.

Please answer the multiple choice & true/false questions by clearly marking only one option on the ParScore sheet. If you do not clearly mark only one option, the question will be marked as incorrect.

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65 - 0.48 (20< Age <30) +0.10 (Age >45)
- 0.35 (Time on Job < 2 yrs)+ 0.22 (Time on Job > 5 yrs)

6. If the applicant has the following characteristics: 37 years old and 7 years at the current job.
What is the Applicant’s score?

7. What should the cut-off score be for accepting an applicant to solicit?

8. Explain what the term servicizing means and what the general trends are in this area.

9. Explain to a vice president from headquarters why you set the overbooking amount equal to 8 rooms at the hotel you manage even though the average number of no-shows per night is 10.

10. True or False: During Erin McKie’s talk about her capstone project work at Colonial Insurance, one of the biggest improvements her team made in reducing the total cycle time of processing a claim was by better balancing the workload by adjusting the jobs assigned to teams based on the amount of time each job was expected to take.





11-13) The figure above represents a typical checkout process at a grocery store. The cashier performs at an average of 5 minutes per customer. At six times during the day, new cashiers takeover the responsibilities of the register requiring a 15 minute changeover each time. After passing through the cashier, the bagboy loads the groceries into the customer’s car at an average time of 6 minutes per customer. The store is open 16 hours a day.

11.) What is the average throughput rate of just the cashier in customers/hr? Choose the closest answer.
a. 3 Cust/hr
b. 5 Cust/hr
c. 7 Cust/hr
d. 9 Cust/hr
e. 11 Cust/hr

12.) What is the overall capacity of the checkout counter in customers/hr? Choose the closest answer.
a. 4 Cust/hr
b. 6 Cust/hr
c. 8 Cust/hr
d. 10 Cust/hr
e. 12 Cust/hr

13.) Throughout the day, the average number of customers in the checkout process (waiting to check out and checking out) is 4. Assuming a cashier’s average cycle time of 6 minutes per customer, what is the average total time in the checkout system for a customer in minutes? Choose the closest answer.

a. 20 Min
b. 24 Min
c. 28 Min
d. 32 Min
e. 36 Min

14-16) The Computing Support Center (CSC) at the university provides computer related assistance to faculty, staff and students. In order to get help, one must sign up through the support web page of the CSC. The CSC handles requests based strictly on a First Come, First Serve Rule. The hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (9hrs) Monday through Friday.
Historical data shows that on average, 3 faculty members sign up each day. For staff and students, the average sign-ups per day are 2 and 5, respectively. Arrivals of faculty, staff and students to the CSC are each believed to follow a Poisson process...

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