The Problem With Fast Food Essay

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Hannah Johnson
Deborah Lang
ENG-W 131
25 March 2015
The Reality of Fast Food
Fast food chains are anywhere and everywhere. You cannot drive to town without passing at least two or three of these “restaurants.” The concept behind fast food was a good idea, but the results were catastrophic in the health aspect. Now that fast food has become one of the top industries in the world, everything has gone awry. The fast food industry has drastically changed the way people view food, how convenience is rising and the cost for products.
Fast food restaurants first started as drive-ins with carhops, but in the 1980’s drive-thru windows began. McDonald’s was one of the first ones to convert ...view middle of the document...

They also incorporate toys and such for the kids’ meals. Burger King does something similar to McDonald’s with their characters. There are many lawsuits against corporations advertising to children for fast food, which are still being reviewed for the time being. This advertising is being sued because of the high rates of obesity in younger children is sky rocketing and chronic heart diseases at younger ages is also a factor in these lawsuits (Food, Inc).
The health factors play perhaps the largest role in any type of food industry. “The disadvantages to fast food is that the products are higher in soya, fat, sugar, oil, fried meat, salt cheese, mayonnaise, and obviously salt”(Bose). There are very little nutrients in fast food if any due to the process of frying the foods to cook them. There is also bacteria present on the food before frying it which can do harm to our bodies if not destroyed also. There is a direct link between fast food and obesity, coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes. Fast food is loaded with salt and fats that are not needed for the body to function which after a long period of “exposure” can lead to CHD and obesity. “Eating fast food two or more times a week was also found to increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 27 percent” (Pereira). The advantages of fast food are more for convenience than nutrition. “In a survey done by WebMD the top 11 reasons for eating fast food are as follows: They’re quick, they’re easy to get to, I like the taste of fast food, they’re inexpensive, I’m too busy to cook, it’s a “treat” for myself, I don’t like to prepare foods myself, my friends/family like them, it is a way of socializing with friends and family, they have many nutritious foods to offer, they’re fun and entertaining”(Hitti). This survey just shows that most Americans do not have time or do not make the time to prepare meals for themselves and their families. If families are too be healthier individuals they need to make time to prepare meals for the entire family. Choosing one day out of the week to cook meals for the whole week is a great and convenient solution to this problem.
The major chains that have flourished greatly are McDonald’s with their advertising towards children and very inexpensive foods, Burger King with their better “quality” tasting food, and Sonic which kept the drive in style fast food, but incorporated a drive thru into their layout. Each of these restaurants has one thing in common, they all advertise to children as their main concentration. Keeping their restaurants friendly and geared towards kids pushes the kids to want to keep going to these places so they can eat and play. Sonic does not offer a play place or anything like what Burger King and McDonald’s have. Sonic keeps more of the older style of fast food using car hops and drive ins which plays to their advantage being one of the very few restaurants that even do this anymore.
One of the biggest problems with fast food...

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