The Problem Of Resource Depletion Essay

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The Problem of Resource Depletion: Causes and Solutions
People and other living beings depend on natural resources for food, shelter, and protection, as well as for generating energy and all the products we manufacture. With current consumption patterns, people are using these resources at an unsustainable rate. Many resources are at risk of becoming depleted, which can be understood in a term of resource depletion. ‘Therefore, resource depletion refers to the condition when all natural resources such as fossil fuels, groundwater, forests, minerals, cropland soils, marine fisheries, and other natural resources available, have been exhausted within a region.’(Magdoff, ...view middle of the document...

The agricultural development also impacts on the resource depletion due to its major consumption of the resources. As for example, space for farmland is often produced by clear cutting forests. As well, agriculture uses soils and water as a resource for food production, affecting the existence of these resources. (Magdoff, 2013) Due to the ever-increasing population, the consumption of resources is increasing at a fast rate. The population growth drives the demands for food, consumer goods and urban infrastructure, not mentioning the energy needed for their production. Lastly, it cannot now reasonably be denied that the Earth's natural resources are currently being consumed at an increasing and totally unsustainable level. Unfortunately, the society is consuming natural resources at a very fast speed and in an unchecked manner. The humanity uses resources as if they can find it in the future for the new generation.
There are a lot of ways of preventing the depletion of resources being created, which vary from governmental interactions, increased awareness of the population of the problem, improved recycling, new economic structure, alternative sources of energy, and even the space travels.
The method of governmental interactions requires governments around the world to develop an environmental policies and guidelines. One of the policies can be the intervention made to protect resources that are not priced or incorrectly priced. Correcting the prices anomaly would have huge consequences for businesses. For instance, the calculations have shown that more than a quarter of profits of the world's biggest companies would be wiped out if water was priced to reflect its value. (Parkinson, 2014) Also, the following method can include the creation of the organizations targeted towards the regulation of the consumption of the resources, the increase of the public awareness of the issue and the help to the nature. The existing examples of the following organizations are The Australian National Water Quality Management Strategy (NWQMS), The Indian Ministry of Water Resources, The Québec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, U.S. Green Building Council, The UNICEF, The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), etc. (Parkinson, 2014)
An important way of the prevention of the resource depletion would be increasing the public awareness of the problem. So, the following action would motivate the humanity to certain changes in their everyday activities towards the consumption of the resources, affecting the end of consuming culture, and the return to taking care of the things and nature. As for example, to save electricity, it would be as easy as turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, or buying more energy efficient appliances. Although, driving less and carpooling more are obvious ways to conserve gasoline, purchasing locally grown or locally raised food products supports farms and companies that don't burn...

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