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The Problem Of Lack Of Exercise For Children

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The Problem of Lack of Exercise for Children

10 years ago, many Parents didn't have to work at getting young
children to be active. Most children were constantly in continual
motion. But these days even young children are inactive and more
dependent upon adults to provide them with different forms of exercise
such as sport.

Lack of exercise is a major reason for the growing rate of obesity
among children. One cause of this is the new modern day technologies
which have boomed in this generation and therefore have created ‘couch
potato’ children. Examples of these ‘distractions’ are computer games
and television.

Watching TV for even as few ...view middle of the document...

Building strong bones in
childhood helps to sustain bone health in the future.

Energetic children may increase their possibility of becoming healthy
adults. Children who benefit from exercise may develop a lifelong,
healthy habit of being physically active. Children will enjoy better
health as adults.

Physical activity can decrease the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes,
high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease among adults. People
who remain active on a regular basis tend to live longer than people
who are not regularly active.

The amount of exercise children need:

Health promotion experts recommend that kids are active for an hour
every day. Regular exercise will improve balance and muscular strength
and help to make the heart and lungs more efficient, and can improve
their physical and mental health too.

Children go through several distinct developmental stages. For age
specific activities, these are the levels of activity they should
partake in:

* First 2 Years: 1 ½ hours of daily exercise. the child should be
allowed to be active and explore naturally. The adult should help
them develop good eating habits.

* 2 to 5 Years: 2 hours of daily exercise. The child should Practice
basic skills, such as throwing, kicking, and jumping. 60 minutes
of planned exercise and another 60 of free play.

* 5 to 8 Years: 1 hour or more of daily exercise. The child should
be given loosely structured team sports to have fun, be with
friends, and burn off energy. 15 minute breaks should be allowed.

* 8 Years and older: 1 hour or more of daily exercise. As the child
gets older, the better their physical lifestyle, the easier it
would be for them to keep an active routine maintained. Kids need
to consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids for active
play. They also need to eat sufficient amount of calories to
provide them with the energy to be active.

Researcher Russ Pate, a professor of exercise science at the
University of South Carolina-Columbia suggests that "If kids are not
getting enough activity at school, then it's not likely they will get
the remaining activity after they leave," he explains. Still, "we
encourage parents to make sure their children are active at home."

The problems which could arise if children don't exercise:


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