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The Principles Of War In The Current Business World

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By Carmen Sofia Perez Espana
Since the beginning of times, we can describe mankind as competitive beings, usually competing over food, shelter or territory, and many centuries after, we realize these disputes could also be over money or power; but once you compare them it is very simple to identify the essence that keeps constant, even if the reasons why they all started are not remotely similar. In that matter, we can define war as a disagreement, usually violent between two or more parts.
Being this established as such a wide concept, it could apply in almost any situation in which there is competition over one particular ...view middle of the document...

The offensive: It means always taking the first step. In a competitive environment, taking the initiative provides a status of innovation that strengthen the company’s reputation, attracting more clients and setting a higher stakes prices.
Unity of command: There should be only one leader. This is going to be the person who leads the implementation of the strategy, even though he or she might not be the only one who makes the decisions. He or she must have every objective and the plan to achieve it very clear.
Mass: It consists in planning the decisive time and place -the first strike for example- and concentrating every effort in executing it perfectly.
Economy of force: Encourage everyone in the company to work effectively avoiding extra efforts and extra expenses.
Maneuver: It is about managing the competition, leading them to a position of disadvantage, where the company keeps the control and maintains the leads of the market.
The element of Surprise is always a great advantage because...

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