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The Principles Of The Care Value Base

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The seven principles are those which put an individual at the heart of the health and social care provision. These seven principles form the value base. All seven of the principles are all equally important as one another and should form the basis of all relationships with clients and colleagues.

The seven principles consist of the following:
1. the promotion of anti-discriminatory practice
2. the promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety
3. respect for, and acknowledge of, personal beliefs and an individual ‘s identity
4. the maintenance of confidentiality
5. protection from abuse and harm
6. the promotion of ...view middle of the document...

This has shown to have a positive impact on people’s feelings of well-being and their sense of control over their lives when they may be at a vulnerable stage.

From remaining true to the under pinning principles and values of care practice at all times, the individual will automatically demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice. However, actively promoting anti-discriminatory practice is another thing entirely. The individual may need to challenge others who, perhaps inadvertently, discriminate. This can mean challenging colleagues and people using the service about their discriminatory behaviour. This may be a difficult to do but the individual is required to be prepared to hold on to their care value as they may be drawn into the discrimination themselves. They may need to seek support of a line manager or other people that the individual trusts straight away if the individual feels like they cannot challenge the discrimination themselves.
The health and social care profession can empower its staff by encouraging them to promote individual rights, choices and well-being at all times. The individual can promote empowerment in the people using the service by helping them maintain, regain, or gain independence as far as they are able to.

The law and the underpinning values of care practice demand that all health and social care professionals maintain peoples confidentiality at all times.
Confidentiality refers to all information relating to those using health and social care services and the records associated with them, no matter what format those records are in.

Whenever the individual is handling information they must:
• respect people’s wishes and their privacy
• follow the guidance and procedures of your organisation
• Comply with the requirements of the law

When gathering confidential information you must ensure that:
• only information that is needed is collected
• the data is only used for the purpose for which it was intended
• all records are kept safe and secure
• each workplace has a policy or guidance for staff to follow

All this places a huge burden on people concerned with the management of these records. For example:

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