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The Princess Bride Essay

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World Mythology
A Creation Story
By Victoria Jay
“Why do they do that mother?” “Do what? The sunflowers?”
Salhi nodded, as she ran her small hands through the soft yellow petals. Her gray eyes sparkled in the dying light as she looked up at me. “Why do they face the trees in the morning, and then bow to the mountains at night?” She twirled around, her light blue sun dress swaying in the breeze, “it’s just…They look so sad, like they’re lost, and cant’ get home.”
A soft smile played at my lips, I bent down so my head came up to her shoulders. My little girl turned and looked at me, rubbing her nose and leaving a streak of pollen on its tip.
“Would you like to hear a ...view middle of the document...

Alwin had a sun tree flute, and the music he created was worthy of the gods. Yet all of these gifts seemed minor in contrast to the fifth child, a great beauty named Olathe. Her hair was said to be the color of love itself, her eyes were the epitome of longing. And any man or mortal human who looked upon her grace would fall madly in love. Yet the sixth child, Chu’a was a mighty hunter; he could run faster than a young buck and take down prey blindfolded and with a single arrow.
However, there was one child, the youngest of them all, who had no such gift. She was overshadowed by her siblings and ignored by all the sun people. Why should they bother noticing a person with no talent when her brothers and sisters had such mighty gifts? Maja was all alone. She had no friends, and no special ability that others could see. Now, Maja was a lovely and humble child. Despite all the abuse she suffered from being without talent, she controlled her emotions well.
She never had a bad word to say against anyone, not her sister Olathe who flaunted her beauty any chance she had. Or even Alwin, who would taunt her with his ballads, skipping around with his flute and throwing harps and drums at her. “Why don’t you play with me Maja?” He would cackle, perfectly imitating a mischievous crow. “Are you afraid you will make our ears bleed from your lack of musical talent? Pick up a harp and make music with me.” Maja would only smile and reply in her quiet, whisper of a voice, “One day brother, one day I will be the one with the last laugh.” At this he would only howl in jubilation and skip away, with his flute in hand and karma at his heels.”
I paused for a moment, rubbing my sore neck and glancing at the sky; it had become angry and blue, indigo swirls of powerful storm clouds were quickly gathering on the horizon. “Why don’t we finish our story at home sweetie?” I said, straightening up and folding our blanket. Salhi nodded, picking up the sunflowers we had picked from the darkening earth. Taking my hand she and I began our walk up the windy gravel path to our home. “Mamma?” she asked quietly, swinging our arms back and forth. “Yes?” “Why do you think that all the sun children were so mean to Maja? She never did anything to hurt them, did she?” She added quickly, her eyes suddenly filling with worry. “Well, I believe they were scared of her; I think they knew, that somewhere deep down, there was something more to her. A quality that made her special, just not in the obvious way they were.” Salhi nodded, “Can you tell me the rest of the story? I want to know what Maja does.” She skipped ahead, hopping up our old wooden stairs and holding the door ajar for me. Walking in, I lit our table candle and held it close to my face, “Are you sure you want to hear the rest of the myth? It only gets darker from here.” I breathed in a husky voice, walking towards her. Salhi giggled and ran over to the fireplace; the last...

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