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The Price Of College Essay

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Is it fair to charge one customer a higher price for the same product because they have more money? Most people would say no, just because they earn more money doesn’t mean they should have to spend it. This is one of the reasons why it’s not right to consider basing college tuition prices on income. Determining how much a student pays for college based on income could give everyone an equal opportunity to go. However, it would create budget issues, unfair pricing and a lack of student motivation. Therefore, college tuition prices should remain the same.
1. Setting college tuition prices differently for every person would create budget issues for many schools. 2. If colleges must make ...view middle of the document...

4. For some families making a higher income doesn’t mean they can afford a rise in what it is costing them to pay for college. 5. People whose families are wealthier shouldn’t have to pay more just because they were smart in their savings and planned ahead. 6. About forty percent of families last year were able to pay for college without borrowing anything (Clark). 7. That means sixty percent couldn’t pay and, with a new system, would have their tuition lowered. The other forty percent could be raised. Doing that is completely unfair because the middle and lower class get a break while the upper class is forced to pay too much. 8. An argument can be made that basing tuition on income is good because it give everyone a fair chance to go to college. 9. However, they fail to realize the same amount of people go to college. Colleges cannot accept more people just because they can afford it. 10. Different college tuition is unfair because everyone gets the same education and deserves to pay the same amount.
1. Making college affordable for everyone will cause a lack of student motivation. 2. Without being depended upon to get good grades students wouldn’t feel the need to. 3. Unfortunately, as children grow their passion for learning frequently seems to shrink (Student Motivation). 4. Without having that extra incentive to save money students naturally don’t have a big desire to do well in school. 5. Parents won’t push students as hard in high school to do well to earn a scholarship because they know they can already afford to pay for college. 6. “I push my daughter to earn a scholarship because I know I’m not paying for college,” says Joe Connolly, father of a sixteen year old daughter (Connolly). 7. If Joe knew he could pay for his daughter’s college he wouldn’t push her to earn a scholarship. 8. Some people believe taking the financial pressure off students will allow them to focus more on grades and school. 9. While this is true in some cases less motivated...

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