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The Prevention Of Childhood Obesity Begins With Physical Education

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Question: Research these five philosophical positions identifying the main elements and proponents of each. Discuss the benefits and challenges of each that a sport administrator may face.

1. Introduction
The word philosophy comes from the Greek words philein which means “to love “and sophia which means “wisdom. “ Philosophy can therefore be defined as a love of wisdom. Philosophy may begin with curiosity and a question, however aims to end with you finding your own answers.
We must evaluate our own thoughts and understand ourselves, religion, customs and conduct without leaning on the views of society, lectures, technology, guardians or our era.
Modern philosophers would state ...view middle of the document...

In some quarters, Immanuel Kant is considered a modern day proponent of idealism especially for his work on “Space, Time and Transcendental Idealism” (Guyer, 2004).

2.1 Benefits: An administrator who is perceived to be an idealist or has an idealist view will have high goals and expectations of their company. Their drive to always strive for excellence will encourage fellow colleagues to do the same in every project they take on. They would be willing to take the risk to enforce their sole vision which may bring the company immediate or long-term success. They would look for the future benefits before making a final decision rather than, only the present benefit.
2.2 Challenges: The individual would have difficulty to become open to change which might lean out of there ideals. Their attitude to be perfectionist may cause conflict between their colleges who might have a more carefree attitude. They may over think on a situation and end up using unnecessary effort, resources and time on a project of little importance which may not pay off.

3. Realism
Realism can be described simply as the tendency to see things as they really are. It is a term in philosophy that describes that what we see has to be proven or therefore it is unreal. It states that objects are composed of matter, have properties and occupy space thus their characteristics are usually anticipated correctly.
Aristotle is considered to be the foremost proponent of realism, proposing that ideas can free float without having matter, whereas matter cannot exist without some semblance of form, and this form is independent of mental cognizance. Modern realism has various forms such as, scientific, socio-political, aesthetic, epistemological and moral realism. Religious realism was put forth by Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century stating that true reasoning lies with the supreme reasoner - God - and that by aligning our rational reasoning minds with his tenets, we too can understand the universe and the nature of reality (Dogra 2012). Philosophers such as Francis Bacon, John Locke and later G.E. Moore and Ayn Rand forwarded theories relating to moral realism, whereas German theoreticians like Otto Von Bismarck and Carl Von Clausewitz were proponents of political realism.

3.1 Benefits: They may have more patience than other in order to discuss and come up with an almost perfect solution to unresolved problems. The may have a more abrupt approach toward people and their views allowing them to appreciate their advice.

3.2 Challenges: They would not believe in their colleagues’ ideas if he/she cannot show them proof on how it would work. By using ideas which were verified before they would lack uniqueness and some might see it as lack of drive. They would not be open to risking resources on a new idea that may not “pan out.”

4. Pragmatism
Pragmatisms are based on the principle that the usefulness, workability, and practicality of ideas, policies, and proposals are the...

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