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The Pressures Of Being A Student

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Name: Eduardo Chavez Galindo
Instructor: Danielle Rainforth
Date: July 28, 2013
Grammar and Writing

The Pressures of Being a Student in other country.

Actually must be a person with good studies if you want achieve your dreams, for example when you being a student in other country, you should overcome to all your pressures that are implicated. Which are the common pressures of being a student in other country? The students must be readjusting their lifestyle. For example the culture, the new kind of food, the idiom, and must become independent. Next ...view middle of the document...

Next the food is very difficult to adapt, they are accustomed to their type of food in their countries for example the flavor, smell, and the condiments and in the new country is totally different. Then the idiom it’s a problem at the beginning because they can’t communicate properly whit the people, so they have to learn quickly.
Then the financial pressure can be hard if they don’t have the economic resources required for the school, rent, and foods. Such as you should have a full time job and going to school at the same time. Having a full time job as a full time student is not easy. However it does show that you are a resolute student and will not stop at anything. Consequently the students, have a challenge of having to wake up early for work, having to wake up in the morning to go to class and having to catch the bus if, you do not have transportation such as a car.

Lastly, the final and most difficult pressure is the homesickness. When you are in other country away from home, family, friends and the pressure of studying you can get homesickness and may be hard because you don’t know de people in the new country. So, you need met new friends to make your stay in the school easier. It is n not easy but overtime you have to overcome the situations.

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