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The Presentation Of Women In Advertising Today

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The Presentation of Women in Advertising Today

In this piece of coursework I will be looking at different adverts.
Advertising products is very successful and powerful business.
Everyday an average person watches and hears one thousand five hundred
adverts. A thirty second weekday advert between seven, twenty six pm
and eleven pm costs eighth hundred and seventy pounds per viewing. If
the advert is shown five times between seven, twenty six and eleven pm
every weekday it will cost twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty

Advertisements can be used in two different ways; in magazines,
newspapers and on TV. The adverts that are shown in ...view middle of the document...

This is portrayed by the Hoovers spinner rinse adverts
which I will be analysing.

At the beginning of the advert the print goes across the screen. The
print says; STRICTLY FOR HUSBANDS. After the print it shows a man
coming back home after work. Then camera focused on women's hands.
This shows that she is doing house work. Camera zooms in to show her
wedding ring. Back then single parents did not existed in the adverts
so this shows that she is married and has a family. It shows women's
negative facial expression. Looking at this facial expression I can
tell that she is tired and not happy. Then mans voice comes up in the
background. He says; "Is this, the women in your life? Still putting
up with old fashion methods like this… " camera focused on the women.
She is lifting up heavy bowls of water. Then camera zoomed in to show
the audience that the woman is exhausted. Mans voice appeared in the
background again and he continued saying;

"…or is this the woman in your life who proudly owns spinner rinse."
This time camera shots the image from the long shot. It shows women
pushing up spinner rinse. She is wearing high heel shoes and short
skirt. Camera zoomed in again to show the audience her positive facial
expression. This time the woman is not exhausted but she is happy
owning spinner rinse. Now the print goes across the screen. The print
says GIVE HAPINESS-GIVE HOOVER. At the end of this advert camera shots
the image from long shot. This image shows the audience a happy family
standing in front of the Christmas tree owning spinner rinse.

The advert is shown in black and white images. The setting of this
particular type of advert is indoors. I think that the setting of this
advert is important because it gives extra little details. I heard
classical music playing in the background of this advert. In this
advert there is only one main character. The main character is the
women presented as housewife/mother. This advert associate with
working class people because it shows that the woman does all the
house works and the man comes back from the work. This advert meant to
appeal to man who would like to have his wife happy owning spinner

Later in World War Two women were de-feminized. Women were recruited
to help war effort. They were advertising companies that sends troops
to the war. They were dressed up as men's and they did hard jobs to
help the war effort. Men felt threatened because women were able to do
their jobs. Most of the men's were not happy as women were equal to

Women didn't felt as feminine as they did before the World War Two.
Women did not wear make up when they were doing hard work. Therefore
they felt as if they were being de-feminized.

In 1950's women were regaining femininity. They were advertising
cosmetics which portrayed by...

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