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The Power Of The Mall Essay

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The Power of the Mall

Everyday life from a geographic perspective can be best understood when connecting meanings and emotions to specific places of social interaction. Place can be best understood as an area with a special meaning and strong sense of identity which is recognized by society. Place can be describes it as “coming into existence when humans give meaning to a part of the larger, undifferentiated space.”[1] Space can be viewed as a physical expression of social relations, a process that is continuous and ever changing. An important factor to consider when conceptualizing the terms space and place is to understand precise definitions are based on individual’s perceptions and ...view middle of the document...

Although from my personal experience it is viewed in this way, when analyzing the dynamics of such an institution you begin to realize both the positive and negative effects a place such as Yorkdale has on society. Through the examination of this built environment I was able to look past the consumption aspect of the mall focusing on the changes, socio-economic factors, culture and social impacts brought by the construction and use of this institution.

Yorkdale Mall can be depicted as an ever changing controlled socially built environment that lacks identity and enforces consumerism. A built environment can be defined as “a human made space in which people work, live and recreate on a day-today basis.”[4] Successfully attracting large amounts of people with it’s large selection of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment, Yorkdale is often seen as more than just a shopping mall but also a tourist attraction for those visiting the city. Yorkdale is constantly removing and rebuilding different retail stores and restaurants within the vicinity changing the dynamics of its structure. With recent renovations, Yorkdale has adopted the most high-end retail stores known in the retail world. When driving into the parking lot that surrounds the building, it is more than often overwhelming in terms of the amount of cars looking for parking spaces. The newest addition to the parking lot, which is an underground parking garage that connected to the new addition to the mall, provides red and green lights on top of parking spots to indicate whether parking spots are either taken or available. This added luxury provides further convenience for its shoppers creating a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Upon entering the mall at that location you are surrounded by large multi-national stores such as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Holt Renfrew and other well-known retail stores. The sophisticated techniques of illusions make malls such as Yorkdale an attractive place to be. With its customers in mind, Yorkdale aims to maximize the comfort for its guests by creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Being climatically controlled, as you walk through Yorkdale you seem to always feel content with the temperature no matter the season or temperature outside, along side that, walking around you will hardly ever see a custodian however for the most part Yorkdale is almost always spotless, which is surprising since thousands of people occupy the mall daily. Walking around I noticed there are minimal windows within the mall however offers subtle lighting that isn’t too dim or too bright for customers. Yorkdale lacks in providing a single clock for its guests, I believe is purposely done so customer’s loose track of time allowing to loose themselves in the retail world. Being one of the most attractive malls in the city, Yorkdale aims to provide a strong security team who you see walking around the mall at all times. This allows Yorkdale to be portrayed as a controlled...

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