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The Power Of Food Safety Essay

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There are many sites based around Food Safety. A large portion of them are either government regulated or overseen, but there also exist a few that are completely independent. The Center for Food Safety (CFFS) is an organization I found when searching for food safety websites. This site is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1997 to raise awareness of pressing food safety issues and create relationships with food companies of all levels, whether at a grassroots co-op market level or a large-scale international superstore level.
Even more in -depth on the website and organization's purpose, they are very active in communities. The CFFS makes multiple appearances of rallies, ...view middle of the document...

With efforts such as these, CFFS turns a portion of their efforts to massive industrial agriculture, otherwise known as campaigns.
One of the main campaigns that is headed by the CFFS is the "Save Our Seeds" Campaign. The is campaign is geared towards awareness of the commercial monopolization of seeds. Companies like Monsanto, Du Pont, Bayer, and Dow own a majority of bioengineered seeds. They sell them to both large and small scale farmers for a high price and then own legal rights to every plant grown from the seeds. The campaign highlights the main issues with the global seed market, a few being that GM seeds are a destruction to the environment and the high prices of seeds hurt farmers and their families. GM seed powerhouse Monsanto has hidden officials in high places so they can benefit in the legal system from suing already poor farmers. With the campaign, the CFFS suggests ways to stop the top companies from continuing to overtake the agricultural industry.
A second campaign that the CFFS runs is the campaign to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. This campaign gives information about GMOs and GE foods as well as explains why there is a need for labeling. Similar to the "fake" scenario #2 students completed in class, the CFFS attempts to persuade people that GE labeling is necessary. They reason that just as trans fats or caloric intakes are labeled or displayed in restaurants (such as McDonald's), it would only be an improvement to society if foods that contained genetically engineered or altered ingredients were labeled so people would have the choice to decide if they want to purchase the product or not. This made me think of all the products on the market made with genetically modified corn, soy, wheat and cotton products. If on a compiled average about 80% of all of the crops listed previously are genetically modified strains, it would be virtually impossible to find a product, whether edible or not, that doesn’t contain a genetically modified ingredient.
By heading these campaigns and many others that relate to public health and food safety, printing publications for grocery stores and posting articles online for those connected virally to see, the Center for Food Safety can reach a large populace with diverse backgrounds and levels of education. I believe that the information provided on the websites were both helpful and credible, as research was put into these articles and...

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