The Power Of Delegation Essay

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Delegation is an important factor in managing any type of business or organization. But what is delegation? According to Google dictionary, delegation is "The process by which an object passes on a message it has received to a sub-ordinate object," (2005). A manager's responsibility is to plan, organize, direct and control. Delegation is an important part of these responsibilities. Delegation refers to specific decision making. Gerard M. Blair states, "The objective of delegation is to get the job done by someone else. Not just the simple tasks of reading instructions and turning a lever, but also the decision making and changes which depend upon new information. With delegation, your staff ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, an effective manager will use his or her skills and intuition in order to control all situations for task completion.Managers have goals and objectives to achieve. In order to complete goals and objectives, managers would normally be required to use, appropriately, the resources available to them. People constitute a very important part of such resources that are available to the manager. Choosing the right employee to complete assignments and tasks are vital when delegating orders. The tasks must be accomplished by a competent individual who can complete the tasks thoroughly. This is important because the right employee is empowered to act for the supervisor, while the supervisor remains accountable for the outcome. Picking the correct person for a particular assignment is important at my company. Cable outages happen frequently. However, under FCC regulation, a cable company has two hours to respond and repair a cable outage. Depending on the type of cable outage, a manager must pick the most skilled and suitable technician in order repair the type of outage within the certain time limit. However, not meeting regulations reflects poorly on the manager and not the technician.Another challenge to delegation is giving clear direction. A manager should be clear on the authority and limits that are delegated. "Supervisors should organize their thoughts into categories before they talk with their delegates. They should classify the work goals or tasks required according to results, resources and controls. Focus on each topic in order. Supervisors should write down notes of the points they want to make," (Kelly and Jenks, 1986). Managers, at my company, do not have the capability to monitor the technicians in the field all the time. Giving and establishing work requirements for the technicians help when delegating from an office. "To make this principle of control work in delegation, however, supervisors need to establish objectives, plans, and standards that leave their subordinates room to make decisions on small variances and deviations," (Kelly and Jenks, 1986). Technicians working out in the field must make and handle their own decisions, especially when the manger is not around. Finally, by giving the technicians accountability, this gives the technicians concrete skills, experience, and resulting confidence to develop themselves for higher positions.When delegating, a manager should monitor the progress of all assignments. Managers should also check back with their employee to see how things are going. This...

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