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The use of point of view is what allows authors to paint a descriptive and always evolving story line through the use of words. It gives the reader the keys to unlock their imagination and let their mind run wild with possibilities. An example of two different narrative styles can be seen in Margaret Atwood’s “Death by Landscape” and Richard Ford’s “Great Falls”. Using completely opposite methods to convey their stories these authors achieve a very similar effect on the reader. These methods include: foreshadowing, mystery, and highlighting the protagonist characteristics’. Both stories leave the reader with a feeling of empathy and a burning desire to know the truth.
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With a quote from Jackie’s mom “nobody dies of a broken heart.” Although this foreshadows an all too familiar event more and more families face Ford gives a new take on what the reader is expecting. Furthermore, Atwood is able to portray the theme of tragedy through the surroundings instead of through the protagonist “when the stars were bright like that instead of hazy it meant bad weather later on.” (Atwood, 31) Additionally, “there were two loons, calling to each other in their insane, mournful voices. At the time it did not sound like grief.” (Atwood, 31) Both authors have two diverse approaches to revealing their foreshadowing and both deliver an effective pre-climax read.
The final technique both authors incorporate is the ability to develop the character using the different narratives. Atwood perfects the usage of third-person by making the reader feel exactly what Lois feels. For example, the mystery and frustration Lois feels immediately following the disappearance. This leads to a feeling of isolation and loneliness with an everlasting need for closure. “You can’t see her exactly, but she’s there, in behind the pink stone island or the one behind that.” (Atwood, 36) Lois’s obsession with needing answers allowed for her friend Lucy to live on through her. Ford does similar...

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