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The Plug In Drug Essay

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The negative influences of TV on our life and behaviour

3th year

"Our cultures are being reduced little by little to nothing. These technologies have no passport and no visa, but they are affecting us and shaping us." Joseph Ki-Zerbo, a historian from Burkina Fasco, West Africa

Modern technology, the mass media in general and television, computers and the new mobile phones, MP 4 players in particular have influenced people’s lives since they appeared.
Though I am not against progress and I can see and even profit from the new technology I believe that, unfortunately, without a controlled, balanced, limited use, this influence can ...view middle of the document...

Everyone has at least one television set in their home. Watching television is a very comfortable and cheap way of spending our spare time, without having to put our mind at work, like in reading, in order to understand the meaning of a great book, or a study-case, or playing intellect games. Television offers a great variety of choices even 60 channels, with news programs, travel, cuisine, films, entertainment or music and sports channels. Parents and children can watch television all day long forgetting everything about their real life and duties.
Though one may say that television can influence people's lives in different ways, by keeping them informed about the politics or the economy, by offering them new scientific or historical information, helping them complete their education, and also by making them feel relaxed and happy after a hard day at school or at work I would like to draw the attention on some negative influences.
First, watching too much television is bad for your eyes but mostly for your mind and spirit. We watch television to escape from the realities of our lives and we often forget that what we see on the TV screen is nothing else but fantasy. We dedicate a lot of time to watching images and characters that don't exist, because movies, cartoons, and also the news are the expression of some artists or the reporters' point of view, and it often has no connection with reality, especially in Romanian politics ( the B1 cannel exists only to cherish president Traian Basescu).
Another negative aspect is that people lose faith in themselves and start thinking that those images they see on television are better than their lives will ever be, so they ignoring their family or friends. They lose interest in their jobs and even get fired because of the influence television has on them.
Children and teenagers are the easiest victims of this false reality, because they can't make a clear cut between reality and fantasy. They watch films or news about their favourite stars and they think that cool clothes and make-up or outrageous behaviour are the most important things in life, for example: TV show: Gossip Girl, or Hanna Montanna. Girls often fall victims to popular television models and they decide to starve in order to look just like the so-called beautiful stars.
When I grew up we had only one TV in the whole house and only one channel with a two-hour programme until I was six years old, so I only used to watch the ten- minutes’ cartoons. Instead of television I listened to my mother and Grandma telling me stories or read a book. I was against TV in my home, in Cluj, because I thought, that if I had a TV in my room I would become addicted. But at the moment, because of the political crises that Romania is facing, I...

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