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The Plight Of Orphans In China

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For most of us who lead an easy life, we may not conceive the idea of being in dire poverty and under the threat of death. Yet this is the situation of our counterparts in China, In the rural areas of certain provinces, there are hundreds of children orphaned by AIDS . Some of them have contracted the disease from their parents who get infected by the selling of blood. Others, who are lucky enough of not being inflected ,have to face the uncertainties of the future without the nurture of their parents. For us HK students ,ALDS may seem a distant, exotic disease. For those teenagers in China ,AIDS is a devil which curses their lives. Their sufferings have led to concerns from various charitable organizations, among which the HK committee on ...view middle of the document...

At the end of the project, all participating schools will set up stalls in a shopping arcade for a large-scale publicity program, during which the mass media will be invited to give an in-depth report.

Having attended the briefing session of this project. I have come to realize the poor situation of those orphans in China. None of them receives proper education. They do not even have enough food to eat or clothes to wear. For those who are inflected with AIDS, they only receive a mere ration of medicine from the government. A thorough medical check and a medical care service are simply a luxury that cannot be afforded. The government does nothing to help them. It continues to suppress the mass media for fear that such reports will harm the reputation of the country. The culprit of this problem is the government’s lack of control over the illegal blood selling activities. The farmers in hopes of deriving an addition income, sell their blood to unhygienic underground clinics which help spread the lethal disease. Nobody would like to see such tragedy repeats itself. Thus it is of paramount importance to educate the younger generation in there villages with the evil consequence of the selling of blood and the importance of personal and public hygiene.

It is hoped that this project will raise the awareness over this issue among local students. Participating teams can arrange adoption programs and pen-pal programs so that local students can keep in touch with the orphans in China. It is also encouraged that local students should donate books, stationary and other items to their counterparts in China via this meaningful project. All children are born equal .We should be sympathetic to these underprivileged children and give them a chance to create a new life.

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