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The Philippine Educational System Essay

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The Philippine Educational System

The Legal / Constitutional bases

✓ EDUCATIONAL DECREE OF 1863: The decree provided for the establishment of primary school for boys and girls in each town of the country.

✓ ACT NO. 74 OF 1901: Enacted into law by the Philippine Commission, the Act created the Department of Public Instruction, laid the foundations of the public school system in the Philippines, provided for the establishment of the Philippine Normal School in Manila and made English as the medium of instruction. (In 1949, the Philippine Normal School was made a teachers' college by virtue of RA 416  and, in 1991, it became a full-pledge university by virtue of RA 7168.)

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✓ PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 1006 OF 1976: The Decree was a legal and formal recognition of teachers as professionals and teaching as a profession.
✓ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 5698: The Act created the Legal Education Board whose task was to regulate and improve the quality of law schools in the Philippines in order to stop the increasing number of examinees who fail to pass the bar examinations given every year.
✓ Republic Act No. 232 otherwise known as the Education Act of 1982 is a an act which calls for the establishment of national schools and the conversion of schools from elementary to national secondary schools or from secondary to national secondary or tertiary schools.

REPUBLIC ACT 6655 OF 1988: Popularly known as the Free Public Secondary Education Act of 1988, the Act created a system of free education in public high schools.
✓ DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS (DECS) ORDER NO. 49 OF 1992: This Order serves as the guideline for the selection of honor students in all public and private high schools. All these schools were required to choose one (1) "valedictorian"  and one (1) "salutatorian,"  and to set the limit of the number of "honorable mention" to one percent of the graduating students. The "eligibility requirements" for becoming an honor student are the following: 1) No grade below 80 in any subject and no failing grade in any subject in the first two curriculum years;  2) Completed third and fourth year studies in the same secondary school;  3) Completed the high school curriculum within the prescribed year;  4) Active membership in two clubs during the third and fourth years in high school;  and 5) Conformed to school rules and policies.
✓ DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS (DECS) ORDER NO. 1 OF 1994: This Order increased the number of school days to 200 days (42 calendar weeks) inclusive of examination days for public and private schools. (This department order is similar to RA 7791 which increased the number of school days from 185 to 200 days.
✓ DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS (DECS) ORDER NO. 37 OF 1994: The Order required all grade VI elementary students to take the National Elementary Assessment Test (NEAT) that is given on the 13th Tuesday following the opening of the school year. The assessment test consists of a battery of tests of the multiple choice type. There are four subject areas: English, mathematics, science and heograpiya/kasaysayan/sibika (geography/history/civics).
✓ DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS (DECS) ORDER NO. 38 OF 1994: The Order required all senior high school students to take the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT) that is given on the 13th Friday following the opening of the school year, or three days after the NEAT has been given. The assessment test consists of a battery of tests and there are four subject areas: English and Filipino proficiencies, mathematics, vocational aptitude  and science & technology....

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