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The Pharmaceutical Market: Greece Essay

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The Pharmaceutical Market: Greece

THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET: GREECE - REVIEW The immediate threat of a Greek default and eurozone exit was reduced as the outcome of the legislative elections in June had a much more benign outcome than many feared. A n exit would have - and could still be - disastrous for drugmakers operating in the market. But even Greece staying in the monetary union means the government must continue with its austerity programme. While we continue to hold to our view that Germany and the rest of the EU may reduce the focus on austerity and introduce some pro-growth strategies, these are unlikely to generate any upside for the pharmaceutical industry and structural ...view middle of the document...

table Of Contents

bmi Industry View 7

swot 10

political 12

economic 13

business Environment 14

industry Forecast 15

pharmaceutical Market Forecast 15 table: Greece Pharmaceutical Sales, Historical Data And Forecasts 18

healthcare Market Forecast 19 table: Healthcare Expenditure Trends, Historical Data And Forecasts, 2009-2017 20 table: Healthcare Governmental Indicators, 2009-2017 20 table: Healthcare Private Indicators, 2009-2017 21

economic Analysis 21 table: Economic Activity 25

prescription Drugs Market Forecast 26 table: Prescription Drug Sales Indicators, 2009-2017 27

patented Drugs Market Forecast 28 table: Patented Drug Sales, 2009-2017 29
The Pharmaceutical Market: Greece

generic Drugs Market Forecast 30 table: Generic Drug Sales, 2009-2017 31

otc Medicine Market Forecast 32 table: Otc Medicine Sales, 2009-2017 33 table: Otc Medicine Sales Breakdown, 2007-2010 33

pharmaceutical Trade Forecast 34 table: Pharmaceutical Trade Forecast, 2009-2017 35

key Risks To Bmi's Forecast Scenario 36

industry Risk Reward Ratings 37 table: Central And Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical Risk/reward Ratings, Q213 37

rewards 38

risks 39

market Overview 41

industry Trends And Developments 44

epidemiology 44

healthcare Sector 45

infrastructure 49 table: Inpatient Facilities And Beds By Speciality, 2008 49 table: Outpatient Facilities And Beds By Region, 2008 50

drug Retailing 51 table: Pharmacies By Region, 2007-2009 51

regulatory Development 52

regulatory Regime 52

intellectual Property Regime 53

pricing Regime 53 table: Quarterly Total Sales Volume Per Medicinal Product (additional To 9% Of The Current Decision Rebate...

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