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The Personal Information Highway Essay

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The Personal Information Highway

As human civilization has developed so has the means to communicate; and communicate we do! But let us go back before technological communication; say 100,000 years. Humans relied upon grunts or noises, facial expressions, displaying teeth or posturing to warn off threats or woo the opposite sex to name but a few. Whatever happened to this primal nonverbal communication or demonstrative communication within the 21st Century? Is it still in use? Yes, so we will examine some examples and their effectiveness or not for both sender and receivers.
Kinesics includes a variety of elements, including facial expressions, body posturing, hand/arm movements, ...view middle of the document...

Their appearance tuned to the occasion, “he’s one of us ….,” shirt sleeves rolled up, unfastened top shirt button, open hand arm gestures and plenty of facial expressions to show their pain or joy at certain pre determined points in their presentation. This helps to portrait this high powered person is just a regular guy who know us, and is therefore more believable in his message.
Proxemics relates to the distance we are to those whom we are communicating. As young children we learned quickly that closeness can mean friendship, at ease. As children most of us can recall telling one of our playground friends about a secret by getting up close and personal to whisper something in their ears. Getting close sends a personal, comforting message perhaps to the recipient “Hey I can only trust you to tell you this.” The receiver... “My buddy”! To others watching their actions may be those guys are very ‘good friends’ or perhaps “they are up to no good.” Edward Hall (1969) illustrates some examples of distances that correlate to the type of message that may be sent, which includes personal messages within 18 inches to the recipient, to beyond 12 feet for public messages. With the science aside, when considering just plain human behavior in say a domestic confrontation between two adults, things are deteriorating where each are up front and close (nose to nose), each wondering who will take it to the next inevitable physical phase, unless there is an intervention of some kind. The overwhelming message is clear to those directly involved and those who are witnessing it. It does not get much more personal than this.
Haptics relates to touch, and in business and personal life covers a whole multitude of meanings. Handshakes, for example is a common greeting, especially in a business. There is a world of research on just this very topic about why it is important, the hidden meaning. A recent study Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience led by Beckman Institute researcher Florin Dolcos and Department of Psychology postdoctoral research associate Sanda Dolcos found "a handshake preceding social interaction enhanced the positive impact of approach and diminished the negative impact of avoidance behavior on the evaluation of social interaction." Further examples include...

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