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The Person Behind The Company. (Macdonalds)

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This report will talk about Ray Kroc and how he had started the world famous McDonalds fast food restaurant, from a small hamburger stand. Early in life, he was shaped and influenced by the experiences he had , people he met, and obstacles he faced.

Ray Kroc was born October 5, 1902, in Oak Park, IL. His parents were not wealthy. He had never completed high school and he left school to become a driver for the Red Cross in World War One. During the First World War, when he was just fifteen, he had decided to join the army, though he wasn’t of age. The war was over before he had a chance to go to Europe. After the War he became a jazz piano player. When Ray was twenty years old he got ...view middle of the document...

They mass produced milkshakes and hamburgers in a productive way. His thirty years salesman experience with Lily and Multi-Mix gave him a practical working knowledge of the industry. These jobs helped him to see the less expensive American restaurant scene.

Some of Ray Kroc’s achievements include the following. In 1955 the first McDonald's restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, That first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, was torn down. It was replaced by a store and visitors’ center that attempted to copy what was in the original building. Another museum in nearby Oak Park describes the life of Ray Kroc. In later years, Ray Kroc established the Kroc Foundation, a private organization that gives money to help others. He also established a number of centers that offer support to families of children who have cancer. They are called Ronald McDonald houses. He donated about a billion dollars to the children funds. Ray Kroc's story remains an important part of McDonald's history. And his way of doing business continues to influence fast food restaurants that feed people around the world. In 1974 Ray purchased the San Diego Padres baseball...

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