The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Bookreport

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The perks of being a wallflower

”The perks of being a wallflower” is a novel written by Stephen Chbosky. It is the first of his novels and it was published in 1999. It contains 231 pages of adolescent fiction about teenagers and their encounters within school, sexuality, violence, parties and much more. This report starts with a summary of the book, descriptively introducing the prime characters and setting while leading to the conclusion

At first, we’re introduced to Charlie the protagonist, who seems to be a rather smart, yet troubled boy. He’s 15 years of age and a recently freshman in High School. The novel is written in letters, starting with Charlie sending out letters to an ...view middle of the document...

Charlie has a sister himself, also an older brother. His sister has a dumb boyfriend and his brother is a talented football player. His parents aren’t really any special, just the regular parents. Charlie has a teacher at school, who he fancied more than the rest. The teacher even gave Charlie books to read, assignments for fun and gave him advice to his social life. Charlie’s new life involved parties, trying drugs and him getting his first kiss. He then unintendedly starts dating this girl named Mary Elisabeth, meaning it just happened. They all four go to this party together, where in a game Charlie is supposed to kiss the girl in the room who he thinks is the most beautiful. He then kisses Sam. Since Sam and Mary Elisabeth are friends, they get furious with Charlie and he ends up friendless, having to live the old unexciting life he did before. The protagonist spends the rest of the school year trying to reclaim his earned friendships and his ongoing crush, Sam, before it’s too late.
The setting of the novel is revealed on the very first page, as the chapters are split in dates of time in the letters sent. It starts in 1991, but could just as well have taken place in the present, as it reflects on every reader who has lived their youth in somewhat similar to just one of the characters at some point, which would surprise if that is not the case. The environment is about middle class to upper middle class, considering the protagonist as well as his friends aren’t too flashy, but neither poor. They live in big houses, throw parties and drink fine alcohol. His brother is also going to college and everyone knows that college isn’t cheap, which sort of confirms that their family is not needy of money. From a greater perspective, the overall happenings and placement of their ongoing are a bit extreme and too perfect examples, like a cliché of experimental youth. This type of writing makes it easy for the reader to picture oneself in the setting...

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