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The Performing Arts In The Interwar Years In Germany

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During the 1920s the problems in Germany are starting to fade away. The communists were crushed by the right-wing Freikorps units. During about the same time, Friedrich Ebert, the first president, persuaded the workers of Berlin, who were left-wing, to go on strike, which caused the Kapp Putsch to collapse. The inflation got controlled in November 1923, because the German money has been changed from marks to reichmarks. All the marks was recalled and burned. The Foreign Minister Stresemann borrowed money from the Americans to rebuild the German infrastructure. Through the Dawes Plan in 1924, Stresemann had helped Germany to lower their reparation for WWI. In April 1924, Stresemann had ...view middle of the document...

For example Peter Handke, who was a writer / playwright / musician / director, he writes about the movies of that time.In the 1920s of Germany, new genre of music was introduced to the public. The music of the roaring 20s was Jazz. Still, music is a very broad term, so music also included cabarets. Cabarets are stage musicals; most of the time are women wearing "revealing" outfits dancing and sing songs about political issues, history, and the culture of Weimar. The star of these Cabarets was Marlene Dietrich, who was in The Blue Angels (something like a Cabaret group), eventually after the 1920's the Cabaret will die out because of Hitler. The Jazz entered the Weimar culture, because it was American culture. When Stresemann borrowed money from the U.S.A, much U.S. culture came with it. The jazz and cabaret was a few of those that were placed into the Weimar culture. Later Jazz was band from Germany because of some racial issues, but not long after that, a new brand of music was created. There was a new band that took in this new style of music; they're called The Comedian Harmonists. Simply put they are a kind of an acapella band. They have five singers and one pianist. They were considered the most famous band in the Weimar Republic, but they were forced to disappear, because of Hitler.In the movies section of that time Charlie Chaplin was big! Charlie Chaplin was probably the most influential direct/comedian for the Germans during the 20s; he was also the most popular too! Some famous German film directors were Georg Wilhelm, Pabst Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe Murnau,...

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