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The Perfect Picture Essay

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Picture Perfect
People often worry about their outward appearance. Body image brings out the positive and negative sides of people. Some even let the obsession of possessing the perfect body take over their lives; therefore, plastic surgery creates many new problems. The increasing use of plastic surgery to enhance self image presents many effects in daily living. Plastic surgery consists of positive and negative effects. It promotes self-confidence, enhances outward appearance, and empties bank accounts.
Having self-confidence starts the process of fully loving oneself; furthermore, a person needs to love himself in order that they relate to other people and love them too. Without self-confidence, a person feels a sense of loneliness and the need to belong. Plastic surgery provides one of ...view middle of the document...

It offers opportunities for the morbidly obese another chance at a healthy life. The surgery consists of making the stomach smaller or even diminishing some of the extra fat. It also provides people with birth defects the chance to correct their abnormalities and look normal. Too much plastic surgery leads to obsession; therefore, complications often occur. Along with the enhancement of outward appearance, money is required.
Many positive aspects come out of plastic surgery, but negative effects present themselves also. Plastic surgery intertwines with some people’s lives, and they feel the need to continue changing their body. To receive all those changes, a person needs plentiful amounts of money. The cost of plastic surgery varies, but most of the time it comes at a very expensive price. People continue to go on spending sprees; then, their bank account ruins or even worse, credit card debt and bankruptcy occurs. Cockiness negatively affects many people. When someone possesses over-confidence, he or she transforms into someone nobody wants to associate with. People start to think they belong to a higher social status when in reality, they equal everyone else.
Plastic surgery blesses some people, but others lives deteriorate because of it. Positive effects come out of it if used for the right benefits. Many people have birth defects and need plastic surgery to correct their abnormalities. Plastic surgery benefits people by promoting self-confidence. When a person obtains self-confidence, it brings out the best of his or her personality, and he or she transforms into what seems like a truly “picture perfect” person. The enhancement of outward appearance brings about many positive effects. Bankruptcy and debt occur if a person thinks plastic surgery is a necessity. Plastic surgery promotes self-confidence, enhances outward appearance, and empties bank accounts.

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