The Perception Of ‘No Time’ In Our Hectic Lives In Most Contemporary Societies Is Affecting The Relationship Between Family Members Within A Household. Design Can Create New Experiences To Help Us Renew And Strengthen Our Relationship

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Food and eating practices are essential in everyday life, as we must eat in order to survive. When putting food and eating into theory, sociologist analyses food system in terms of their symbolic properties and the definition of their social relationship and process, which define them. According to Khare, socio-anthropological perspective on food can be analyses in three approaches: ‘food as a sociocultural context for illustrating the logic and principles of different culture, food as a mediating material and moral system within societies and food as a set of nutriments representing the overlapping work of ecological, biological and cultural systems in human societies’ (Khare, quoting in ...view middle of the document...

One of the ways to express this warmth and intimacy within a family is through family meal gathering. Food does not just simply ‘fuel’ us when our stomach tumbles or fulfills our gustatory sensation. Food ‘encompasses love, friendship, family; marks ritual, celebration, solace; articulates hopes, dreams and aspirations’ (Catterall, 1999: 23). Firstly, food is essential in the growing stage of infant. It is seen as the main constituent of a family. More importantly, it acts as a form of medium that binds everyone together. The social anthropologist Mary Douglas believes the consumption of food is a ritual activity. In her article ‘Deciphering a Meal’, her structuralism analysis on food categories seen food as a kind of language or a code. The messages being encoded or expressed are message about social events and social relations, which ‘is about different degrees of hierarchy, inclusion and exclusion, boundaries and transactions across the boundaries’ (Douglas, quoted in Couninan, 1997: 36). Douglas uses her home to adopt this message encoding when analysing the idea, categories and practices. Her first point is to argue the distinction between drinks and meals. One obvious contrast is the difference between liquids and solids. Meals are mixture of solid foods and liquids. The sequences of meals tend to be named such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whereas, drinks are not so highly organised and have no particular structuring into first, second, main and sweet. Therefore, ‘drinks are for strangers, acquaintances, workman, and the family. Meals are for family, close friends, honored guests’ (Douglas, quoted in Couninan, 1997: 41). She then goes on to describe the key features of a meal should require a table with a seating order, and entail the restriction of movement through table manners when consuming with family; meals incorporate contrasts like hot and cold, bland and spiced, and various textures; it also incorporates a wide variety of nutrient sources such as cereals, vegetables and animal proteins. A meal is considered as a family meal when it constitutes all the above varieties. Family meal is frequently linked to the notion of proper eating and whether a meal provides proper nutrition to a family. Nickie Charles and Marion Kerr’s studies points out that any proper meal consists of hot meat with potatoes and vegetables is seen as a fundamental element in the identification of a family. Likewise in respondents in Anne Murcott’s study of food, shows a proper meal should be home-cooked and produced at home. Woman is often seen as bearing the main responsibility for the purchase and preparation of food for the family.
Douglas also observes that a proper meal is structured in the simple algebraic expression A+2B. She sees meals having a hierarchy order according to their importance and symbolic significance. Routine weekday lunch is structured at the bottom of the hierarchy with one course A. While Sunday lunch...

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