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The People Essay

811 words - 4 pages

Address • City, State zip code • E-mail Address • (123) 456-7890 (Make sure all contact information is accurate. Use a permanent email address that you check often.)

Headline sentence of who you are and what you do. Title with X years experience in x industry/ies, with an understanding and/or experience of x and x. Think of this as your attention grabbing headline. Be sure to customize this to the hot buttons of the job you are applying to.

• • • • • • • This is the top ¼ of your resume which is the first thing recruiters see and read this section will spark their interest. (The rest of your resume will back this section up.) Purpose of this ...view middle of the document...

List experience chronologically.

• • Title, Company, City, State, Month Year-Month Year List jobs here that are not relevant to you current job search or jobs that over 10 years old

DEGREE (BS/BA/ETC)-EMPHASIS COLLEGE/INSTITUTION 3.7 GPA ● Graduation Honor ● Honor Year City, State

SELECTED ACADEMIC PROJECTS OR TRAINING AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS • If you are a recent graduate list projects o List projects, case studies, and research that is relevant to the job you are applying o Highlight you ability to solve problems o Make sure to focus on your skills, your abilities, and what you have achieved • If you are a professional with work experience use this section to detail work related training, conferences, etc • Change bullets around based on your current job search, make sure most relevant are listed first • Do not do more than 3-4 bullets

• • • • Member/Office, Organization, City, State, Year-Year Award, Year Technical programs Items in this section should only be included if relevant to your current job search *Do not include irrelevant personal information* *Do not say...

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