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The Path Of Success Essay

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The Path for Success
The proof of a country that supports equality is reflected in the actions of its citizens. The Civil Rights Act in 1964 banned the discrimination in America, since then every American has the right of equality and opportunity. As in the case of Jennifer Carroll, the first Afro-American women who became Lieutenant Governor, served to America in the Army and forms part of the minority group of immigrants.
Jennifer Carroll came to give a speech at the institution of Broward College, honoring the black history month. Carroll started her speech and gained the attention of the audience by telling some background of her early life. This woman came from Trinidad and ...view middle of the document...

Of even greater appeal she stated that there is no excuse to give up on dreams, she was black and women in the army and it was hard but she made it and that way with a lot of effort she got to the position that she is standing in her career, sacrifices have to be done as she said her husband was taking care of her child while she was in the army and nonetheless she couldn’t spend much time with her family during the duty season. In addition to support her material Carroll was telling stories, where she was a first handed resource because are anecdotes of her life.
In her conclusion the First Women Afro-American Lieutenant Governor, reviewed her main points in the body of the speech. By telling stories and using them as example of how to persevere, she made it clear that hasn’t been easy for her but is worth it. The speech was memorable, the selection of each story to make an impact on the students was well done, each statement was made according to the audience for example the ones saying that she was black, immigrant from Trinidad, women and that if she could get to where she is right now everyone can but effort and constancy are needed. With the entire speech, which was twenty minutes long, she encouraged every student in the auditorium to complete college, graduate from the university and work hard to achieve their ambitions.
In general, the content of the speech was well selected and well developed it was not heavyweight, long or out of focus from targeting the audience. The speech was not demonstrative but informative, the main goal perceived was to inform student about the hard work that is needed and the circumstances that can intervene with the achievement of a goal, and in someway it was persuasive for it Jennifer Carroll used statements to influence the audience on keeping focus for the achievement of goals. It was clear that the speech was created for students or young people in the formation of their future and it is worth telling that some...

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