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The Outsider Essay : Influence Of Society

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Throughout Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger (Outsider) the author attempts to demonstrate his philosophy of the world with the protagonist, Meursault. The society described in the novel, much like our own, has varies overwhelming influences from the media and the society towards the general public. This statement may seem paradoxical, but it is one of the vital factors in the protagonist, Meursault’s, development and realization of Camus’s philosophy, existentialism. Furthermore, it is this influence from others that separates Meursault from others and truly defines him as an outsider to society.
The novel begins with an interesting event where the antagonist, Meursault’s mother dies. Then ...view middle of the document...

This is one of the main factors which separates him from others and makes him an outsider to society.
The idea of normal is developed from centuries of time and although it changes frequently with time, the basic moral and ethics remains fairly constant. As a person born in the twenty first century we know that when our mother dies we are supposed to be very sad, or even cry. These things we are suppose to do or at least think that we are suppose to do defines the modern day norm, and when someone acts out of that specific curriculum, we consider them strange. This concept unites people in a common module of ethics and moral. The difference between people, their looks, concepts, and ideas are the very definitions of the word individuality. It is this individuality that separates us and creates a diverse world. In the realization of this difference, people still continues to judge others on the same balance of ethics and morality. It is because we tend to use these common values so often that we try and act according to them, we try to become the common norm with the naive hope that we can be just like others. It is when so much time are spent on what we should be that we lose ourselves, we lose our very own identity which begins its development the moment we draw our first breath. We fool ourselves to believe that we are normal. This is a concept which the protagonist of the book, Meursault, does not follow, and therefore seems to be strange to people in the book and even out of the book. It is because Meursault refuses to do what others think he should do that leads society to condemn him and judge him a reject.
The society we live in is a very structured system with countless variables which defines our everyday life. Camus or...

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