The Other Road Not Taken Essay

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February 15, 2012
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The Other Road Not Taken Outline

Thesis: In the following paper, Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”, will be broken up to show the themes, settings, and symbolism.
I. Introduction
II. Themes
A. Choice
B. Dreams, Hopes and Plans
C. Man and the Natural World
D. Exploration
III. Settings
A. Forest
B. On a gravel or dirt road
IV. Symbolism
A. Roads
B. Nature
V. Conclusion

The Other Road Not Taken
Speaking on roads that are not taken can literally be analyzed on a personal stance. Before I get into the poem I ...view middle of the document...

These charming pastoral words evoke a not so subtle hint at the importance of choices made and opportunities unexplored. (Frost, 1965) When we decide to go on one path in life, there are missed opportunities that we leave behind. When we choose one path or another we have to realize that we cannot go back on that. We, too, know of choices forced upon us with dizzying pace, choices made with adrenaline and exhilaration, agonizingly belabored, or often ignored. Choices surrounding our fundamental beliefs in an age of disruptive technologies and value-changing economies are the theme of this paper.
In “The Road Not Taken”, there is a theme that can relate to everyday life. It centers on the concept of choice. You have a choice of what path in life you are going to take. Choices have a lasting effect on someone’s life. It can mean a life of joy or a life of sorrow. It can also mean a whole lot of opportunities unexplored. (Frost 1999) These choices cloud our beliefs in age of disruptive technologies and value-changing economies. (Frost 1965) We all know that the world changes not only every couple years, but every single day.
When it comes to the setting in “The Road Not Taken”, it gives us a strong hunch that it is autumn. “Two roads diverged in yellow wood.” (Frost, 2002) The leaves have fallen off the trees and are turning colors. Then the narrator of the poem goes further to speak of leaves on the ground. In the first stanza the narrator was saying that one of the roads have leaves and foliage littering it. Throughout the poem it actually tells of scattering of the leaves. The setting of this poem is symbolic because when you think about it, it symbolizes many things. First of all the two roads symbolize two paths, two decisions that could be made. The woods represent life to me. Woods represent life because you cannot see or predict what will happen. It also describes the uncertainty that the narrator feels about choosing a path. He doesn’t want to pick a wrong road and mess up a great opportunity that could change his...

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