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The Other Hand Essay

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Every pupil has their own potential to excel in any ways. One can earn good grades but on the other hand fail because of bad habits on their studies or disinterest. Studies show specific factors that contributes the most. Once they are identified, it may be changed and put the child back in the right path.


In the past decades, bullying seems like a harmless activity that have been that been happening in schools. But in pupils and student who are in 6th to 10th grade 13 percent of had been reported to have the present oh bullying, and 10 percent are reported to be victims. Getting to be the victim in bullying plays a bad part on them, bad performance at school, ...view middle of the document...


In the modern world almost every household living room has its own television. They provide access to entertainment, news, politics, religious sermons, and so much more. But did you that television also bring bad effect to those who use it especially those who are still studying. Even though that television can be informative and relaxing, television can minimize number of students who are studying specially those at home, it takes over pupils free time, promotes procrastination, and not intellectually stimulation.

In an average pupil, free time is just easy to come. In a day pupil usually use their time playing, paying video games and computer and specially watching television and no more time for study. Study is very important to a pupil in their future. In your young age they still don’t know how to use their time so they have to be guided. Student should keep up in their studies so that they will not fail. Study among them should be thought so that study habits among them will develop.

One pupil can spend endless hours in front a television causing them to...

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