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The Origins Of Vernacular Language Essay

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The Origins of Vernacular Language
Bryan K Hairston
AIU Online

In this paper the term vernacular can be defined as using a language that is native to a country, rather than an art, music, and literature, or storybook language. The vernacular language is considered as the family of modern romance languages. The vernacular languages are known for usage in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The Origins of Vernacular Language
Earlier in the twelfth century, Latin was the major language that was used for literature and among the educated. The Italian language influenced the findings, as well as other languages consequently spreading throughout Europe (Sayre, 2013). ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, there were enough writings left around the year 1200 to verify that the common language could be produced into real literature for combined individuals.
The French were the first to spread the language, which included their fictional works. However, in the early fourteenth century, Vernacular works began to appear all through Italy as well as spreading throughout the rest of Europe (Sayre, 2013). The shift from Latin language to Vernacular language presents significant interest in the courtly literature. During the rise of vernacular, women’s role in the origin of this language was not to be underestimated. Perhaps amazingly, women, especially women of noble birth, were becoming increasingly literate (Sayre, 2013). Through the time of the fifteenth century vernacular language was very well required to be the language of literature and personal expression. The reason that the vernacular language began to spread was because many people did not speak Latin. However, the language was ultimately ruled out over Latin for the reason that it was easier to convert people to Christianity.
There were many different factors behind the rise of Vernacular language. There were three factors that made it probable for vernacular to overtake Latin; the desire to spread Christianity, women to take part in cultural debates and technological advances.
The desire to make Christianity available for an extensive population was prominently desired, it was one of the utmost important factors for the rise of vernacular language. Nonetheless, the Monks were well versed in vernacular, Science and the Bible; they created the alphabet and translated the Latin Bible into vernacular language (Sayre, 2013). When Christian readings and teachings were accessible in...

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