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The Optimisms At The Turn Of The 20th Century Fostered A Greater Sense Of Nationalism For Many Reasons

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The optimism at the turn of the century foster a greater sense of nationalism in European and non-European countries for several reasons. The sharing of ideas made people proud of where they came from. If a good idea came from Britain, the British people were proud of their countries good idea. Racism also played somewhat of a role in the nationalism of a country. Another cause for nationalism at the turn of the century was imperialism.There was great optimism at the turn of the century due to the amazing technological advances in the 19th century. People could only look ahead with glee to the possibilities that may come with the new century. This brought ...view middle of the document...

In America, cultures from other nations which immigrated to America generally stuck together. The Italians created Italian communities. The Irish created Irish communities. The communities had a sense of their homelands national pride, but celebrated the freedoms of America. They did not mix with other cultures because they did not want to mix their culture with a less important, less worthy culture from another area. The Anglo-Saxon Americans did not want to mix with the African Americans so they passed a series of "Jim Crow Laws" to keep African Americans away from white Americans.Imperialism brought to two groups together. The first group, the imperialising country, were not brought together as strongly because the imperialism did not effect them very much, if it effected them at all. It effected the region being imperialised greatly. It caused a great surge of nationalism. The people had to raise up together to defend themselves. Most of the African people banned together to form an army to fight off the European invaders. They began a great rebellion but their small bands of armed men stood no chance against the army of the "empire on which the sun never set," Great Britain. But it still sent a huge surge of nationalism throughout the African continent.In conclusion, the optimism at the turn of the century fostered a greater sense of nationalism because of racism, imperialism, and the technological advances made in the 19th century. It brought people with common interests to ban together and stand up to help out one another.

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