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The opposition article
In the temporary society, there are a lot of things are opposite, such as white is opposite with black, and the chaos is opposite with quiet. Recently I read an article called the daily grind: lessons in the hidden curriculum. This is an article describing behaviors and appearance of boys and girls in the class and after class. There are a lot of oppositions in this article and they are wonderful to compare with. In the following pages I am going to talk about the three oppositions in this article. They are the appearances and behaviors of boys and girls before and in class starting. Secondly the seats that girls and boys choose to sit. Finally the performances boys ...view middle of the document...

” In addition, comparing to boys are not good looking and attractive on their appearance comparing with Amy, and there is some description from the article approving this “ some of the boys are as small and compact as fourth graders, their legs sticking out of their shorts like pop cleaners, a few are trapped in the agony of a growth spurt, and still other cultivate downy beards.” apparently boys are not as attractive as girls according to the description, but boys are as outgoing as girls before class. However in the class boys act oppositely comparing with girls. They are outgoing in class instead of acting quiet and being shy as girls did. For example “they are sprawl in their chairs, stretching their legs and, although the bell has already rung, begins a noisy conversation with his friend, Kyle.” according to the article. Therefore the appearances and behaviors among boys and girls before and in the class are totally opposite. It is obviously in the article.
Secondly the seats choosing in the math class is opposite among girls and boys. In this essay, I noticed that girls like to choose the seat far away from the teacher, and they usually choose seats in the corner. However boys are opposite. They like to choose seats in the central of the classroom and they like to sit near the teacher. There is some proof “Mrs. Richter, a ruddy, athletic woman with a powerful voice, has arranged the chairs in three sided square, two rows deep. Amy walks to the far side of the room and, as she takes her seat, falls into a typically famine pose.” However the boys “especially those who are physically mature, sprawl in their chairs, stretching their leg long, expanding into the available space.” Thus there is a huge difference between girls and boy in choosing seats in the classroom. This also shows a phenomenon that the university women in 1991 had a gender gap between women and men. Some school and teachers in 1991 may constrain the performances of woman in the school.
Finally the performances girls and boys behave in the classroom. Starting with girls, in face girls act really quietly in the classroom, and they always follow the rules. According the article “Alison, who sits in the front row nearest both the black-board and teacher, waits patiently for another moment, then, realizing she is not getting results, puts her hands down. When Mrs. Richter walks toward her, Allison tries another tack, calling out her question. Still, she gets no response,...

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