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"The Open Boat" By Stephen Crane Comparison Essay To The Responses Of Characters In A Short Story. 600 700wrds Discuss The Responses To Nature Of A Character Or Number Of Characters In

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The short story "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane, tells a story about the physical and emotional pressure caused by nature, which four men face to survive while stranded at sea in a lifeboat. The captain, oiler, cook, and the correspondent all respond emotionally and physically different to the stressors that nature provides while stranded at sea.The captain although hurt from the sinking of his ship; still maintained his leadership role in the lifeboat. He gave direction and guidance to the crew as they rowed for shore. The captain was the character that was the least affected emotionally by the forces of nature around him. During the ordeal he "...spoke always in a low voice and calmly..." as a leader should in trying times. While the cook and correspondent swore at the gulls he simply batted away the one that landed on his head. Also, the physical stress on the captain was immense. Injured by the ...view middle of the document...

This took its toll on him. "The oiler plied the oars until his head drooped forward, and the overpowering sleep blinded him. And he rowed yet afterward." That was when the exhaustion was best seen. By the end he did not have the energy the others did to make it ashore alive. The oiler gave it his all against the forces of nature, followed his captain, and never let up until his body failed him.The cook constantly thought optimistically. The emotional stress on him made him argue with the correspondent about the house of refuge, even when he realized the house of refuge is not what he thought it was. When they turned back out to sea after they realized there was no one in the lighthouse; more then once he said "Funny they don't see us!" Physically the cook was fine, the oiler and correspondent did all the rowing. The cook steered some then held the boat on course, but he was crucial in the end giving the rowers a rest before the final drive to shore.The correspondent was a little pessimistic in the start, but later he became indifferent to the situation. He also disagreed with the cook about the lifesaving station and a house of refuge. It seemed that he only thought of the worst by putting down the cook and his hope of rescue. Later-on the correspondent said to himself "If I am going to be drowned - if I am going to be drowned - If I am going to be drowned, why, in the name of the seven mad gods who rule the sea, was I allowed to come thus far and contemplate sand and trees?" His attitude changed here. If the correspondent were meant to drown it would have happened when the Commodore sank. Physically the correspondent was exhausted just like the oiler. If it wasn't for the rest and the piece of life belt he had, the constant rowing against the sea with the final drive in would have killed him.All four of the characters respond differently to the emotional and physical stressors that nature threw at them while stranded in "The Open Boat". In the end each crew member was crucial to their survival and success of the journey against nature.

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