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The Olive Branch " Like dragonflies their [dead bodies] have filled the river. Like a raft they have moved to the edge [of the boat]. Like a raft they have moved to a river bank " (, 3/15/00).Whether the above is fact, fiction, myth, or legend it appears that all civilizations have a strong fascination with The Deluge. Bible believers feel that it was an act of God, who intern wanted to cleanse the earth of immoral people and evildoers. Chosen survivors, for example Noah, as well as present day Christians believe that the Flood was a marking point for a new covenant between God and themselves. However, the myths that have accumulated from each culture provide great colorful ...view middle of the document...

There was no sense of divine intervention. Continuing east, the story picks up in the Mayan ruins. The "Popol-Vuh" , the Mayans sacred book, relates the tale of the destruction from flood. They felt that the purpose of the flood was to remedy the faulty creation of man, not to punish to mankind. The Feathered Serpent, who is the Mayan creator, first created man from mud, but they were without sight or substance. The gods decided to start over with a man made out of wood. The new and improved man could walk, talk, reproduce, build but had lack of appreciation for life and no heart to feel. Disappointed in his two failures , the Feathered Serpent made the heavens pour out rain to get rid the earth of his mistake.Carrying on eastward across the world it's no surprise Greece also has their own outlandish legend. It begins as all other Greek myths with an angry god, Zeus, lashing out at mere mortals and exploding into a burning rage, unleashing a flood to destroy the human race. However, the Titan Prometheus felt bad for the mortals, so he sent a dream to Deucalion to embark in a huge chest with his family. When Zeus saw that Deucalion had been saved he relented the storm and allowed nine days for the water to subside. After exiting their chest, Deucalion and family prayed to the Titans, who told them to cast bones of their great-mother over their shoulders. Deciphering what this meant , each stone thrown resulted in the creation of a new race.All of the legends mentioned above share at least one characteristic: 1) discuss the anger of one or many gods as a necessity to cleanse the human race of impurities 2) the shifting of the earths surface 3) always a chosen people left to repopulate. Yet, in the Bible all of these points are tied together.Modern textbooks are inclined to discount a universal flood. So the question: Is the Flood just a myth or did it really happen? Before archaeology allowed us to use the comparative method people relied on religious prophets, such as Jesus,...

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