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The Next Decade Essay

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The Next Decade is a book written by George Friedman, and emphasizes The United States’ relationships with other nations. The book addresses some technological and economic problems and well as explaining empires and republics on the rise during the following decade. The Next Decade is a comprehensive and remarkable analysis that encompasses the issues and benefits for being a super power. The United States has unintentionally become a global empire, and the role of the United States President is to serve as the world’s most important political diplomat. It is noted that the President must be able to at least promote the quintessential virtues, ethics, and tradition of the ...view middle of the document...

He states that this country is always striving to set other countries at each other so they cannot combine against the United States.
The opening chapter of the book highlights the need for a strong leader as the President of the United States during the emerging decade will have to be an expert with global alliances. Friedman then goes on to write that the President is the only office that can adequately plan and control the empire. He describes the ideal position is the US must act on moral principles and it must protect its national interest. Friedman strongly disagrees with the idea of giving up on morality because he continues to restore morality from another source of inspiration: Machiavelli. Machiavelli describes the president’s task is to protect the republic from a world full of people who are not wholesome. His continual reference to Machiavelli is a harsh reality check to the people who believe America is the country the remains to be the strongest superpower. But Friedman simply makes the case that the job of the President is to ensure America will remain to be dominant in the future. He concluded by stating that America need to grow up and mature to maintain its republican traditions.
For China, Friedman is pessimistic; he believes the country will slowly undermined by Japan. Although China has the largest population, and its export-dependent economy makes it one of the most successful countries in the world, he argues Japan will eventually outsource China. He believes more investments are crucial in South Korea, Singapore and Australia. He also goes on to say the United States may attempt to strengthen Chinas market to hinder the power of Japan in the pacific. This strategy would bring more power to not only China, but also America. Investments in South would be a wise choice by American leadership. South Korea has gone from one poorest countries in the world to a booming, wealthy country. The country is technologically advanced, has a mature democracy with an impressive record of innovation, and sound leadership. As for India Friedman remains pessimistic. Although he believes the economy in Asia will grow tremendously, but thinks relations between India and America not only does he not believe the economy in southeast Asia will explode this decade, he actually believes that U.S. and Indian relations are likely to grow dormant.
Post terrorism war brings a skillful balancing act in the Middle East. The overriding goal is “protection of the Arabian peninsula and its oil-oil that the United States does not want to see in the hands of a single regional power” (Friedman 54).the united states is...

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