The New Girl Analysis

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’The New Girl’ analysis

The story takes place in a white lower-middle-class neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Prospect Street. Only 2 kids live in the block, Allison and the narrator, so they have to be friends whether they like it or not. Allison is 10 years old while the narrator is only 8, so Allison is a kind of role model to him. A day like any other, where they almost crash, the narrator hears a laugh and turns his head to find a small girl. They smile at each other, though the peace soon being disturbed by Allison. She calls the girl nigger and scares her away. The girl tries explaining that she thought they could play but Allison calls her nigger again. The girl walks back ...view middle of the document...

She’s a cruel kid and she seems like a very spoiled kid. The new girl, we never get her name since Allison cuts her of. She’s darks skinned and seems very kind. She comes up to them because she wants to play, like any other kid.

I think there are quite a big amount of themes in the story, racism, growing up, social heritage, bullying. The story is clearly about racism and how Allison doesn’t want to talk with the girl since she’s of another colour. There’s also growing up, the narrator get’s forced to see that the world isn’t all happiness, he faces how Allison is looking down upon the girl and he feels that he is forced to as well, so he won’t lose her as a ‘friend’. There’s social heritage, Allison thinks she’s better than the girl because she’s white and because that’s probably how she was raised, while the narrator doesn’t see what’s wrong with the girl and starts by smiling at her. Then there’s bullying, an ever so frequent theme. She ends up treating her so bad that they actually move away a couple of months later, probably not the first time this has happened to them.

The name of the street itself is a symbol; the street is called ‘Prospect Street’. Prospect can mean opportunity, an opportunity for something new. It’s actually quite ironic how The New Girl get’s exactly the opposite and get’s shot down immediately. ‘The sunlight was burning in the strands that had come loose from her ponytail, giving her a sort of halo’. The halo resembles something godly and heavenly, in this aspect...

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