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The Netherlands Leads Global Efforts To Improve Textile Industry

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The Netherlands leads global efforts to improve textile industry
The Netherlands is joining forces with Bangladesh to chair a group of donor countries, companies and civil society organisations that will tackle abuses in Bangladesh’s textile industry. LiliannePloumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, is also making 9 million euros available to help improve the appalling conditions suffered by the country’s textile workers. The Netherlands will cofinance these efforts together with the textile sector.

‘All those involved – the textile industry, manufacturers, consumers and governments – must shoulder their responsibility now in order to break this vicious circle,’ ...view middle of the document...

There is very little discrepancy between rural and urban areas in the Netherlands. Of course, isolated villages in the north of the provinces of Groningen or Friesland are strikingly different from cosmopolitan cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, and there are some significant differences when it comes to language, social behaviour and ethnic composition. However, due to the small size of the country, almost everyone in the countryside lives within easy distance of at least a relatively sizeable town.

Consumer expenditure
Household consumption is divided roughly equally between spending on goods and spending on services, although the share of services has been edging upwards in recent years and now comprises just over one-half of the total. Housing-related spending accounts for around 29 percent of total household spending, including costs for housing and household fuels, as well as household goods and services.

From: NL EVD International

The Dutch Advertising Code contains a body of rules with which all advertising should comply. It stipulates, among other things, that advertisements may not be misleading or untrue. It also contains a number of subjective standards, one of which stipulates that advertising must not be gratuitously offensive or at odds with good taste and decency. The Special Codes apply to advertising for specific products and services. The Dutch Advertising Code. Information on rules and regulations regarding advertising and the Dutch Advertising


The Netherlands is considered by...

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