The Negative Effects Of Bullying In Adolescents & Teens

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The Negative Effects of Bullying in Adolescents & Teens

Bullying has become a national problem that has been put in the spotlight in recent years. Each week on the news, we are constantly reminded of tragedies that have struck children, teens, and young adults. The most common result we hear about are suicides resulting from bullying that goes on in schools all over the country. The main stream media often portrays these tragedies as just homosexual students who are bullied, or outted by their peers. All too often bullying is misunderstood. Bullying is often thought of as a bigger person picking on a much smaller person. Bullying is much more than just that. Bullying can come ...view middle of the document...

Traditionally when adults or teachers are the bullies, it is unintentional. This type of bullying can be the result of stress that an adult may be having in their life and they just so happen to unintentionally take it out on a child that is in their presence. The child consequently feels threatened or humiliated if the adult says something threatening or demeaning. Threats can come in the physical form if the child is told to do something and will be physically abused if not performed. Most of the time no physical abuse occurs, but it can. When it does the results can be the same as when a child is physically abused by a peer. The topic of adult bullying also applies to that of teacher bullying as the situations are almost usually the same with similar outcomes. (Give Kids A Chance)
What is not always portrayed however is the fact that bullying goes much further beyond just homosexual individuals and the results of bullying do not always end in suicide, but rather much more negative consequences that can haunt these individuals for the rest of their lives. One major effect of bullying is depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can cause a person to become withdrawn from life and social activities. When this occurs, it can affect their grades, relationships with family members, friends, and so on. In some cases suicide can result. This is what is reported so much in the news. Depression, caused by bullying can lead to further problems later in life. Substance and alcohol abuse is just one result. When depression develops, often individuals often turn to drugs and alcohol to take away their pain and help them cope with the struggles that bullying as caused them. As we know, such abuses of substances can cause a person’s life span to shorten significantly due to the wear that alcohol and drug dependency takes on...

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