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The Need For Project Management Essay

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Unit 1 Assignment 1: The Need for Project Management
In Recent years why is project management Important?
Project management is important because business professionals have been arriving on the scene with unique skills to start, coordinate, and complete organizations small and large projects. In the past these projects were usually given to a supervisors or managers regardless of his or her skill set. Now these highly trained professionals are arriving in the market ready to handle ...view middle of the document...

Team members come from different backgrounds and cultures. Budgets, schedules and resources are also major challenges affecting a PM in a modern organization.
Discuss a successful and Unsuccessful project. How were they alike, different?
This is example of a successful project at Booz Allen Hamilton San Diego. A temporally employee with two weeks on the job was approached by a project manager with a $60 million contract proposal. From the time the PM notified the temp printer to the time the project was in the printers hands four hours had passed. The printer worked on the job from 5pm to 1:30am that night. At 1:30am the printers stopped working. The temp had to pack everything up and go to the local FedEx Office to complete the job. In the end the temp delivered the job on-time at 6am, Booz Allen won the contract. The temp was hired and given a $500 bonus.
This is an example of an unsuccessful there was a team for their capstone project in electric doing an ocean wave to make energy. The motor that they had to use to make the waves they blew up the motor and couldn’t get a new one in time, and the cost of a new one the funds were not valuable for the time that was given to get done. So they didn’t have a project to present and points are taken off of their grade.

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