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The Need For More Staff Essay

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Kathy Kudler had a dream, to open up a specialty food shop in the Metropolitan area. In 1998, Kudler Fine Foods, an upscale specialty food store opened in the San Diego area. There are three locations; La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. Each store is stocked with the very finest foods. Kathy Kudler is the sole owner and does much of the back end jobs on her own.
Problem Statement
Kathy currently works seven days per week. She does all the purchasing and inventories herself. She also does a lot of the restocking herself, much of the time before and after store hours. Kathy likes to do this herself because much of the food she carries is perishable.
Kathy also goes to all of her stores daily to take inventory and does the purchasing. Currently Kathy is spread very thin. She also handles all of the finances as well determining how much ...view middle of the document...

If she wants to continue to grow she will not be able to keep doing everything herself and she will run herself into the ground. What Kathy loves to do is to be out front mingling and talking to the customers. She cannot continue to do this if she is in the back doing all the ordering as well as all the finances.
She also needs to hire good, reliable stock clerks. By training them well and empowering them so that she can not only train them to work the way she sees fit, but there is less likely to be such high turnover... By reducing turnover, she is more likely to trust her employees and be able to delegate more as time goes on... If she is able to do this, she will then have more time to be out front with the customers, which is what she ultimately loves to do.
Also hiring different purchasing managers to be in charge of different types of food throughout the three stores, would not only make a smoother running ordering system, but not have one person in charge of all three stores. Kathy also, at some point should hire an assistant, someone she can rely heavily on to be her right hand person, someone who she can trust one hundred percent. This someone should be able to takeover in case Kathy gets sick, a big concern for Kathy.
Another concern of Kathy’s is turnover. If Kathy can provide employees with an incentive to work more efficiently and productively, and perhaps a better compensation plan, she may notice a drop in turnover. (Chapter 11, Nickels, McHugh and McHugh, 2008)
The reality of the situation is if Kathy continues to do everything herself, she will end up running herself and her company into the ground. What Kathy needs to do is organize a team, a team of employees who will grow with her and Kudler Fine Foods.

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