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The Necessity Of Projects Essay

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As a project manager, it is important to understand change in the organization that you are working within. The necessity of projects as vehicles to accomplish an organization’s strategic goals is imperative to an organization and a project manager. A project manager must also understand the evolving changes in the world and how they can affect the way a project is managed, what change will allow for improvement, and what alternatives exist.
Organizational Objectives, Goals, and Strategies to the Project Outcomes
The necessity of projects as vehicles to accomplish an organization’s strategic goals is beneficial to the organizational objectives, goals, and strategies to ...view middle of the document...

The outcome of understanding change is determined when a project is successful and the organization can effectively work through change when it impacts a project. Change is always going to exist and if this is difficult to believe, just look around in the world we live in. Change is everywhere. Change does not have to impact a project especially when a project manager knows how to work through obstacles that will arise. This can be done through training, mentorship, or using a subject matter expert.
Reflection of Organizational Strategies
The reflection of organizational strategies are based upon the accomplishment of the organizations strategic goals. This will determine the necessity of projects as vehicles to accomplish an organization’s strategic goals and overall mission. The strategic objectives translate the mission into business terms (Resch, 2011). Strategic goals are determined by what the project will accomplish and how the project manager will work through change. It also depends on how much the project will be impacted by the new project. This can be determined in the initiation phase of the project planning.
One of the main evolving changes in the world that will affect the way I manage projects includes technology. Technology is always being upgraded to make projects more improved and more efficient. One way I can work through this change would be to implement risk and change management plans. This will be implemented during the attainment phase. Another evolving change includes a generation change. As we evolve our generation slightly changes. This affects the personal who will be part of the project and it also will affect how those individuals work through the change process.
Project Sponsor and Project Management
The project sponsor has not been selected, but will consist of strong candidates. There is often tension over who is going to be accountable for the success or failure of a project (Resch, 2011). One of the main reasons to identify project accountability is due to investment. It is recommended to identify this at the early stages of the project and the stakeholder paying for the investment is usually a good representative for this. Some other responsibilities of the project sponsor is the championing the project, assigning project resources, and making key decisions.
The project manager has been selected and this will be something that I will represent. Program managers are responsible for executing project activities and delivering the outcomes (Resch, 2011). I will generally report to the project sponsor for all project-related matters and will stay in communication with them. Collaboration amongst the sponsor and the manager is the most important and effective method to drive change and business value. Subject matter experts are also beneficial because having some experience with evolving change will be beneficial to this project.
The Adequacy of Project Policies, Procedures, and Techniques

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