The Nba Lockout Essay

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) Lockout
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October 08, 2012


While there were many who might have been sick of the whole NBA lockout fiasco, and were thinking the NBA lockout may have been a bad thing for all parties involved…it was clear that the lockout not only effected the fans, it also had a lasting effect on many people behind the scenes as well. From the people like the office assistants who did a lot of the scheduling of games, marketing and halftime entertainment, to the concession stand companies and workers, bar owners (who hosted watch parties), the thousands of security guards and ushering staff members that worked and ...view middle of the document...

Many fans were just couldn’t understand, and were trying to figure out why and how greedy billionaire basketball franchise owners, and millionaire NBA players weren’t able to get together collectively and come to an agreement that would allow them to allocate and distribute their profits in a system that would serve and entertain their millions of loyal fans, keep working class people employed and lastly allow the owners and players both to capitalize and make a profit. So what was the clash really about that was threatening the whole 2011-2012 NBA season, in a nutshell? The players wanted the NBA to be more like Major League Baseball, they wanted huge player salaries that were guaranteed to pay out, even if they under-performed. While the owners wanted the NBA to be more like the NFL. They wanted smaller player wages, more "profit sharing," and they wanted an option that allowed them to let players go if they weren’t performing.
So, the fans far and wide, players, and workers who were on the chopping block, stand to lose or be laid off from their jobs, along with the some players, wanted to know how talks and negotiations turned into the forth lockout in National Basketball history. The 2011 NBA Lockout started because greedy franchise owners claimed that they expected to lose $300 million in revenue in the 2011-2012 seasons after losing more than $300 million the previous period. David Stern and the owners claimed that the millions in losses that they suffered the previous season and stood to lose for the upcoming 2011-2012 weren’t just losses that were absorbed by a handful of franchised teams; the losses collectively involved two thirds of the NBA's 30 teams. Since the owners were currently paying their players about 57 percent of their respective clubs gross revenue, they complained and banned together hoping to negotiate and use their barging power to do what some felt was manipulate and force the players to decreasing their share of the pie from 57 percent, closer to 50 percent. Commissioner David Stern, and the owners who claimed to have lost millions, felt that if they could get the players to go along with this, they might be able to get back out of the red, and see some profit in the upcoming season. They were lobbying to build a system that would allow franchise owners to offer players a more competitive salary across the board and not cause so much havoc, hardship, and loss on the smaller franchised ball clubs.
While negotiations between the owners, led by Commissioner David Stern, and for the players, led by director Billy Hunter and President Derek Fisher of the labor unions National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), began in early 2011 and continued through November. The chief complaints on the table that separated and divided both sides were revenue split-ups and the reconfiguring of the NBA Players salary cap and luxury tax. The Owners proposed and were set on decreasing the players’ portion of Basketball...

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