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The Nature Of American Politics In All The Kings Men

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The Nature of American Politics in All the King’s Men
Throughout Robert Penn Warren’s novel All the King’s Men, politics plays a fundamental role in the background of the story. It is obvious that Warren’s agenda was to neither praise nor absolutely condemn American politics, yet his novel provides an example of political corruption and its corresponding hazards. The novel uses examples of political scandals to exhibit the truth behind politics, especially in the 1930s. As the “Boss”, Willie Stark obtains more political prominence, his ethical practices deteriorate and he begins to employ amoral means to secure his political aspirations. Early in their careers, politicians such as Willie ...view middle of the document...

Even though Judge Irwin’s dishonesty was in his past, it did not stay hidden in his past. His corruption was always behind him, continually affecting his life, and ultimately causing his downfall. No matter what he did in the present to attempt to mend his misdeed, the harm was already done. Hoping that Judge Irwin will support Masters rather than Callahan, Willie Stark attempts to intimidate Judge Irwin into changing his backing. However, like Jack Burden had predicted, “the Judge [did not] scare easy” (57). Willie Stark could not accept the Judge’s decision to continue supporting Callahan and orders Jack to find some dirt “and make it stick” (75). Following the Boss’ orders, Jack investigates the Judge’s past and uncovers the truth behind the bribe. Jack succeeds in ‘[making the dirt] stick, all right” (75). Judge Irwin assumed that his corruption was in the past “buried under the sad detritus of time”, where he hoped it would stay undiscovered (289). Jack takes his accusations to Judge Irwin, which propels Judge Irwin to commit suicide. Only after Judge Irwin’s death does Jack find out that the man he had blackmailed was his father, and that “he had dug up the truth and the truth always kills the father” (533).
Like Judge Irwin, Willie Stark began is career with virtuous and honest intentions. In 1926, Joe Harrison, the leader of one of the two major factions in the state, arranges to have Stark run for governor. Willie was the “dummy who might split the MacMurfee vote”, the so-called hick vote so that Harrison’s urban constituency would carry him to victory in a three-way race (98-99). Willie Stark is not aware that he is being set up and launches a statewide tour, hoping to increase the living standards of the lower class, “the hicks”. His first speech, though unpopular with the crowd, contains most of the platform that characterizes Willie’s later successes. Initially his plans are virtuous, however after discovering he was set up, Willie realizes that the only way for him to succeed is to use corrupt means. The difference between the unsuccessful Willie and the all...

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