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Challenges | There are many challenges that affect the natural environment due to harmful human activities and natural disasters. |

The natural environment comprises of all living and non-living things occurring naturally on the earth. It comprises of the ecosystem which composes of all living organisms in an area such as animals, rocks, plants, atmosphere, and natural phenomena, all occurring without human intervention. The natural environment is also referred to as “the environment” and is contrasted to the “built environment”. The built environment refers to the areas and components that are human made whereas the natural environment does not consist of anything that was human made or made involving human activity.
There are many challenges that affect the natural environment due to harmful human activities and natural disasters. Some of these challenges include pollution, deforestation, extinction of wildlife and population explosion. Environmentalism seeks to protect the natural environment from these challenges. For instance environmentalism aims to reduce and prevent pollution and encourages conservation of non-renewable resources as it seeks to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment.
The natural environment can be described by its components and all things occurring naturally on the earth. The natural environment also faces many challenges that are harmful to the environment and environmentalism plays a very important role in protecting the environment.


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