The Myth Of A Racist Criminal Justice System

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The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System
By William Wilbanks

The name of the book that I read was The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System by William Wilbanks and was published in 1987. It talks about the myths of having a racist criminal justice system. In this book the author does not believe that that the criminal justice system is racial but believes at times there is racial prejudice and discrimination within the criminal justice system that goes both ways between blacks and whites.
According to the text this book is written in the belief that many aspects of the question "Is the criminal justice system racist?" have not been addressed by Criminologist. This book is intended to fill that void of not knowing. Wilbanks wrote this book basically to give us a better ...view middle of the document...

In this case Wilbanks is diverting the

problem towards the economic system making the number of blacks that commit crime higher because they are not being offered the same equal opportunities in society which is forcing them to what ever they have to do to survive.
The authors style of writing is formal and is a little difficult to understand while reading it because of his use of vocabulary and intellectual writing skills. I found myself having to read the material more than once and looking up words in the dictionary because I had no idea what they meant. Wilbanks’s work is coherent because all of the chapters in the book fall into one another and are structured so that you understand each series of concept in the material. In The Myth of a Racist Criminal Justice System, Wilbanks is clear about the message he is sending in the readings and his work is original because there are not many authors that write about racism not being present in the courts, most books are written on the fact that here is racism in the criminal justice system and its towards minorities. In this book, Wilbanks breaks down each chapter into sections which helped me understand the text better. The first couple chapters served as more of key terms to know and defining important situations that they apply to. As you get further into the book the author starts to break down racism and discrimination from each view in the legal system starting from the Judge and working its way down through the ranks all the way to the defendant. He also discusses how there is prejudice and discrimination involved in certain case decision pertaining to term sentencing, the death penalty, police practices and arrests.

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