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The Mysterious Roses And Cold Feet

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The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet
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The Ethics Games Dilemmas this week presented “The Mysterious Roses” and “Cold Feet” simulations. For the exercise we were required to address the issues in the simulation and identify the best decision for all parties involved. This summary will review what ethical issues were presented in the simulation, the decision making steps to ethically address the issues, the perspectives and lenses that were used to make the decision, influences in the decision making and concepts that relate to my work place.
The first simulation “The Mysterious Roses” presented an issue that could have potentially ...view middle of the document...

In each simulation the acting role was different. In the “Mysterious Roses” simulation, my acting role was Director of Sales. In the second simulation my acting role was Marketing Director. Each situation was different and required me to make decisions based on information that was presented. In the “Mysterious Rose” simulation, several options were presented to me on how to address the situation. The dilemma faced in this simulation was how to value Gayle’s request for confidentiality and also my duty to follow company protocols in order to minimize liability to company. The “Cold Feet” dilemma also presented several options on how to address the situation. I had to make a decision on how to proceed with the information that was presented to me. To make my decision I had to keep in mind that all people involved are entitled to a number of limited rights, those without power need to be protected, and that everyone has a right to a fair process. For both simulations I identified what my options were, how my decision would affect people in and out of the organization, and how to best protect the interest of the stock holders.
The Mysterious Roses had six stake holders that would be affected by how I handled the simulation: The shareholders, the Vice President of Human Resources, Director of Sales, Gayle Dornier, Bill Witherspoon, and the Operations of Research Supervisor. The Rights and Responsibility Lens helped me identify what my duties were as a Director and as Gayle’s friend. I had to identify obligations to value Gayle’s request for confidentiality but also follow reasonable company protocols in order to minimize liability to company. The rights and responsibility lens helped me identify my duty to the employees to provide information to help them protect themselves. Before I made my decision I had to make sure that I could keep her request for confidentiality. The result lens helped me identify how the decision would impact Gayle Dornier, Bill Witherspoon, and me. Using the rights and responsibility lens, my decision tilted toward rationality as I allowed Gayle to maintain responsibility for her own actions while fulfilling my duties. Using the result lens the best decision tilted toward sensibility as I...

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