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The Mysterious Blogger Essay

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The Mysterious Blogger and the Veiled ID
ETH/316 Ethics and Social Responsibility
March 11, 2013

The Mysterious Blogger and the Veiled ID
The ethical issues that are presented in: The Mysterious Blogger and the Veiled ID; were the leaking of confidential information by an employee and in the second dilemma was an employee who is Muslim could not remove her head scarf for a photo.
My name is Stephanie Tetting Director of Safety and Efficiency for G-Bio Sports. In this dilemma there are two employees Jamal Moore and Aaron Webb that are involved in this situation. Both of these individuals could potentially cause great harm to the company and the IT system; Aaron ...view middle of the document...

After discussing this with Human Resources it was decided that the best way would be to caution Jamal that by hacking into someone’s personal computer was illegal and could lead to legal action for him and the company. This decision proved to be the best; it saved the company from losing two valued employees.
This was not the only dilemma that has presented itself; currently I have been promoted to Associate Director of Operations based on how I handled the last dilemma. It is now my responsibility of the implementation of a new security system that requires each employee to have a photo taken. This change in security measures resulted from a former employee breaking into a lab causing damage and the hospitalization of an employee who had found the intruder. The dilemma that I am faced with here is that Aisha Mullah who is a Muslim women, is required to keep her face covered at all times with the only exceptions being in the company of other women or close relatives. In which in this case the photographer is neither, a photo simply showing her eyes would require her to remove her head scarf to verify her identity. For Aisha this was not something she would be able to do without going against her faith. As in the first dilemma, I must decide who will be directly affected by my decision. I have determined those individuals to be: VP of Human Resources, myself, shareholders, New Hires and Training Manager, Aisha, and other employees....

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